Name Description
HyperModeling The API entry point for the hypermodeling package.
HyperModelingDecorator A Decorator that displays a SectionMarker for each SectionDrawingLocation in the view.
SectionDrawingLocationState Represents a SectionDrawingLocation, including data from related elements like SectionDrawing used in a hyper-modeling context.
SectionMarker A Marker associated with a SectionDrawingLocationState, displayed as a canvas decoration at the location of the section.
SectionMarkerHandler Supplies interactions with SectionMarkers, including a mini-toolbar displayed when the mouse hovers over a marker and what action occurs when the user clicks a marker.
SectionMarkerSet A MarkerSet containing SectionMarkers identifying SectionDrawingLocations within a spatial view.

Global Functions

Name Description
createSectionGraphicsProvider Creates a TiledGraphicsProvider that can be associated with a Viewport to display 2d section graphics and annotations in the context of a SpatialViewState.


Name Description
HyperModelingConfig Configuration options for the hyper-modeling package.
SectionGraphicsConfig Configures how 2d graphics are displayed by a HyperModelingDecorator when hypermodeling is active.
SectionMarkerConfig Configures display of SectionMarkers for HyperModelingDecorators.
SectionViewAttachment Represents a ViewAttachment that attaches a SectionDrawingLocationState to a Sheet model.

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024