Classes and components for working with and picking a Color.


Name Description  
AlphaSlider AlphaSlider component used to set the alpha value. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
ColorPickerButton ColorPickerButton component Beta
ColorPickerDialog Color Picker Dialog to use as modal dialog. Beta
ColorPickerPanel Color Picker Dialog to use as modal dialog.  
ColorPickerPopup ColorPickerButton component that allows user to select a color from a set of color swatches or to define a new color.  
ColorSwatch ColorSwatch Functional component displays a color swatch in a button Beta
HueSlider HueSlider component used to set the hue value. Beta
SaturationPicker SaturationPicker component used to set the saturation value. Beta


Name Description  
AlphaSliderProps Properties for the AlphaSlider React component Beta
ColorPickerDialogProps Properties for the ColorPickerDialog React component Beta
ColorPickerPanelProps Properties for the ColorPickerPanel React component  
ColorPickerPopupProps Properties for the ColorPickerPopup React component  
ColorPickerProps Properties for the ColorPickerButton React component Beta
ColorSwatchProps Properties for the ColorSwatch React component Beta
HueSliderProps Properties for the HueSlider React component Beta
SaturationPickerProps Properties for the SaturationPicker React component Beta

Last Updated: 09 March, 2023