Types related to presentation hierarchies.


Name Description  
StandardNodeTypes Standard node types  


Name Description  
BaseNodeKey Data structure that describes a basic node key  
BaseNodeKeyJSON Serialized BaseNodeKey JSON representation. Deprecated
ECClassGroupingNodeKey Data structure that describes an ECClass grouping node key  
ECClassGroupingNodeKeyJSON Serialized ECClassGroupingNodeKey JSON representation. Deprecated
ECInstancesNodeKey Data structure that describes a node ECInstance node key  
ECInstancesNodeKeyJSON Serialized ECInstancesNodeKey JSON representation. Deprecated
ECPropertyGroupingNodeKey Data structure that describes an ECProperty grouping node key  
ECPropertyGroupingNodeKeyJSON Serialized ECPropertyGroupingNodeKey JSON representation. Deprecated
GroupingNodeKey Data structure that describes a grouping node key  
GroupingNodeKeyJSON Serialized GroupingNodeKey JSON representation. Deprecated
HierarchyLevel Defines a hierarchy level that consists of an array of nodes and possibly other information.  
HierarchyLevelJSON JSON representation of HierarchyLevel. Deprecated
LabelCompositeValue Data structure that describes raw composite label value.  
LabelCompositeValueJSON JSON representation of LabelCompositeValue Deprecated
LabelDefinition Data structure that describes label definition.  
LabelDefinitionJSON JSON representation of LabelDefinition Deprecated
LabelGroupingNodeKey Data structure that describes a display label grouping node key  
LabelGroupingNodeKeyJSON Serialized LabelGroupingNodeKey JSON representation. Deprecated
Node Data structure that describes a tree node.  
NodeJSON Serialized Node JSON representation. Deprecated
NodePathElement Describes a single step in the nodes path.  
NodePathElementJSON Serialized NodePathElement JSON representation. Deprecated
NodePathFilteringData Data related to node hierarchy filtering  
NodePathFilteringDataJSON Serialized NodePathFilteringData JSON representation. Deprecated


Name Description  
HierarchyLevel Contains helper functions for working with objects of HierarchyLevel type.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
LabelRawValue Type definition of label raw value.  
LabelRawValueJSON JSON representation of LabelRawValue Deprecated
NodeKey One of the node key types  
NodeKeyJSON One of the serialized node key types Deprecated
NodeKeyPath Node key path.  
PartialNode Partial node definition.  
PartialNodeJSON Serialized PartialNode JSON representation. Deprecated

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024