ContentRelatedInstancesSpecification Interface

Returns content for instances related to the selected (input) instances.

@see Content related instances specification reference documentation page



Name Type Description
instanceFilter string | undefined Specifies an ECExpression for filtering instances  
relationshipPaths RepeatableRelationshipPathSpecification[] Specifies a chain of relationship path specifications that  
specType "ContentRelatedInstances" Used for serializing to JSON.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
calculatedProperties CalculatedPropertiesSpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications of calculated properties whose values are
onlyIfNotHandled boolean | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifies whether this specification should be ignored if another specification was handled before as
priority number | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Controls the order in which specifications are handled — specification with higher priority value is handled
propertyCategories PropertyCategorySpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for custom categories.
propertyOverrides PropertySpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for various property overrides that allow customizing property display.
relatedInstances RelatedInstanceSpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications of related instances that can be used when creating the content.
relatedProperties RelatedPropertiesSpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications of related properties which are
showImages boolean | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Should image IDs be calculated for the returned instances.

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Last Updated: 20 July, 2024