Types used for RPC communication between frontend and backend. Generally should only be used internally by presentation packages.


Name Description  
PresentationRpcInterface Interface used for communication between Presentation backend and frontend.  


Name Description  
ContentSourcesRpcResult Data structure for content sources RPC response.  
ElementProperties Data structure for storing element properties information in a simplified format.  
ElementPropertiesArrayPropertyItemBase Base type for all ElementPropertiesArrayPropertyItem types.  
ElementPropertiesCategoryItem Definition for a category.  
ElementPropertiesItemBase Base type for all ElementPropertiesItem types.  
ElementPropertiesPrimitiveArrayPropertyItem Definition for a primitives' array property value.  
ElementPropertiesPrimitivePropertyItem Definition for a primitive property value.  
ElementPropertiesPropertyItemBase Base type for all ElementPropertiesPropertyItem types.  
ElementPropertiesStructArrayPropertyItem Definition for a structs' array property value.  
ElementPropertiesStructPropertyItem Definition for an struct property value.  
PresentationRpcResponseData Data structure for presentation RPC responses  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ComputeSelectionRpcRequestOptions Request options data structure for computing selection based on given selection scope and element IDs.  
ContentDescriptorRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content descriptor RPC request options.  
ContentInstanceKeysRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content instance keys' request options.  
ContentRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content RPC request options.  
ContentSourcesRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content sources RPC request options.  
DisplayLabelRpcRequestOptions Data structure for label request options.  
DisplayLabelsRpcRequestOptions Data structure for labels request options.  
DistinctValuesRpcRequestOptions Data structure for distinct values' request options.  
ElementPropertiesArrayPropertyItem Definition for an array property value.  
ElementPropertiesItem Definition of a property item, including a property category.  
ElementPropertiesPropertyItem Definition of a property value.  
ElementPropertiesPropertyValueType Available element property types.  
FilterByInstancePathsHierarchyRpcRequestOptions Data structure for filtering hierarchy by ECInstance paths request options.  
FilterByTextHierarchyRpcRequestOptions Data structure for filtering hierarchy by text request options.  
HierarchyLevelDescriptorRpcRequestOptions Data structure for hierarchy level descriptor RPC request options.  
HierarchyRpcRequestOptions Data structure for hierarchy request options.  
PresentationRpcRequestOptions Base options for all presentation RPC requests.  
PresentationRpcResponse A promise of PresentationRpcResponseData.  
RpcDiagnosticsOptions Data structure for RPC diagnostics options.  
SelectionScopeRpcRequestOptions Data structure for selection scope request options.  
SingleElementPropertiesRpcRequestOptions Data structure for single element properties RPC request options.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024