DisplayStyle3dState Class

A DisplayStyleState that can be applied to spatial views.




Name Description
constructor(props: DisplayStyleProps, iModel: IModelConnection): DisplayStyle3dState    
setSunTime(time: number): void set the solar direction based on time value Beta

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
changeBackgroundMapProps(props: BackgroundMapProps): void DisplayStyleState Modify a subset of the background map display settings.
dropSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): void DisplayStyleState Remove any SubCategoryOverride applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.
equalState(other: DisplayStyleState): boolean DisplayStyleState Performs logical comparison against another display style.
equals(other: this): boolean EntityState Return true if this EntityState is equal to another one.
getSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): SubCategoryOverride | undefined DisplayStyleState Obtain the overrides applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.
is3d(): this DisplayStyleState Returns true if this is a 3d display style.
overrideSubCategory(id: Id64String, ovr: SubCategoryOverride): void DisplayStyleState Customize the way geometry belonging to a SubCategory is drawn by this display style.
setBackgroundMap(mapProps: BackgroundMapProps): void DisplayStyleState Modify the background map display settings.


Name Type Description
environment Accessor Environment The SkyBox and DisplayStyle3dState.GroundPlane settings for this style.  
settings Accessor ReadOnly DisplayStyle3dSettings    
sunDirection Accessor ReadOnly Vector3d | undefined   Beta

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
analysisStyle Accessor AnalysisStyle | undefined DisplayStyleState Settings controlling display of analytical models.
backgroundColor Accessor ColorDef DisplayStyleState The background color for this DisplayStyle
backgroundMapSettings Accessor BackgroundMapSettings DisplayStyleState The settings controlling how a background map is displayed within a view.
classFullName Accessor StaticReadOnly string EntityState Get full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "SchemaName:ClassName".
classFullName string EntityState The full class name in the form "schema:class".
className Accessor ReadOnly string EntityState The name of the BIS class associated with this class.
code Code ElementState The Code for this element
federationGuid undefined | GuidString ElementState A FederationGuid assigned to this element by some other federated database
hasSubCategoryOverride Accessor ReadOnly boolean DisplayStyleState Returns true if an [[SubCategoryOverride]s are defined by this style.
id Id64String EntityState The Id of this Entity.
iModel IModelConnection EntityState The iModel from which this Entity was loaded
jsonProperties [key: string]: any EntityState Optional json properties of this Entity.
model Id64String ElementState The ModelId of the Model containing this element
monochromeColor Accessor ColorDef DisplayStyleState The color used to draw geometry in monochrome mode.
name Accessor ReadOnly string DisplayStyleState The name of this DisplayStyle
parent undefined | RelatedElement ElementState The parent Element of this, or undefined if no parent.
schemaName Accessor StaticReadOnly string EntityState The name of the BIS schema for this class.
userLabel undefined | string ElementState A user-assigned label for this element.
viewFlags Accessor ViewFlags DisplayStyleState The ViewFlags associated with this style.

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Last Updated: 05 June, 2020