Ruleset supplementation

Process of creating a single merged ruleset from multiple rulesets is called ruleset supplementation.

The purpose of supplementation is to hand over some parts of ruleset creation to others. One of the examples could be domains delivering supplemental rulesets with customization rules for their data. Then applications' rulesets get supplemented with those customization rules and final ruleset that's used has both - application-provided rules and domain-provided customization rules.

Supplementation algorithm

  1. Find the primary ruleset
  2. Find all supplemental rulesets with the same id. There can be multiple supplemental rulesets with the same id, but then they should be unique by supplementationPurpose. If that property also matches, the first supplemental ruleset with matching id is used.
  3. Clone primary ruleset and merge in all rules from supplemental rulesets.

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024