Multi schema classes specification

TypeScript type: MultiSchemaClassesSpecification.

This specification lists ECClasses which should be targeted when creating content or hierarchy nodes.


Name Required? Type Default
schemaName Yes string
classNames Yes string[]
arePolymorphic No boolean false

Attribute: schemaName

Specifies the schema which contains the target classes.

Type string
Is Required Yes

Attribute: classNames

An array of target ECClass names.

Type string[]
Is Required Yes

Attribute: arePolymorphic

Defines whether the derived ECClasses should be included in the result.

Type boolean
Is Required No
Default Value false


// This ruleset produces content for instances of `bis.PhysicalModel` and `bis.SpatialCategory` classes.
// Descendants of these classes will be considered incompatible with the specified class filter because
// `arePolymorphic` attribute is set to`false`.
const ruleset: Ruleset = {
  id: "example",
  rules: [
      ruleType: "Content",
      specifications: [
          specType: "ContentInstancesOfSpecificClasses",
          classes: {
            schemaName: "BisCore",
            classNames: ["PhysicalModel", "SpatialCategory"],
            arePolymorphic: false,

Content of physical models and spatial categories

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024