WidgetHost Class

A WidgetHost represents a definition that hosts one or most Widgets in a Frontstage.

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Name Description
constructor(): WidgetHost Constructor for WidgetHost.  
addWidgetDef(widgetDef: WidgetDef): void Adds a WidgetDef to the list of Widgets.  
findWidgetDef(id: string): undefined | WidgetDef Finds a WidgetDef with a given Id.  
getSingleWidgetDef(): undefined | WidgetDef If there is only one Widget in the Panel, gets the single WidgetDef.  


Name Type Description
widgetCount Accessor ReadOnly number Gets the number of Widgets.  
widgetDefs Accessor ReadOnly undefined Gets the list of Widgets.  

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024