Version: 4.7.0-dev.6
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The core-backend package always runs on the computer with a local Briefcase.

It contains classes that backend code can use to work with directly with iModels.


Name Description
BlobContainers Classes for working with cloud-based blob containers.
Codes Classes for working with Codes.
ECDb Classes for working with ECDb.
ECSQL Classes for working with ECSQL
ElementAspects Subclasses of ElementAspects.
ElementGeometry Classes for defining the symbology and geometry of geometric elements
Elements Subclasses of Elements.
ExportGraphics APIs for producing low-level graphics primitives from element geometry.
HubAccess APIs for working with IModelHub
IModelHost Classes for configuring and administering the backend host.
iModels Classes for working with iModels.
Logging Logger categories used by this package.
Models Subclasses of Models.
NativeApp Classes for working with Mobile/Desktop Application.
Relationships Classes that describe the relationships between elements.
RpcInterface Classes for working with RpcInterfaces.
Schema Classes for working with ECSchemas
SQLite Classes for working directly with SQLite
SQLiteDb Classes for working with SQLiteDb.
TileStorage Class for working with cloud storage using iTwin/object-storage cloud providers
ViewDefinitions Classes for working with Elements that define what appears in Views.
Workspace APIs for loading and using Settings and Workspace resources
All Displays the contents of all topics in this package.

Last Updated: 17 May, 2024