Classes for working with ECSchemas


Name Description  
BisCoreSchema The BisCore schema is the lowest level Schema in an iModel.  
ClassRegistry Maintains the mapping between the name of a BIS ECClass (in "schema:class" format) and the JavaScript Entity class that implements it.  
ECSchemaXmlContext Context used when deserializing a Schema from an XML file.  
Entity Represents one of the fundamental building block in an IModelDb: as an Element, Model, or Relationship.  
Schema Base class for all schema classes - see working with schemas and elements in TypeScript.  
Schemas Manages registered schemas  

Global Functions

Name Description  
convertEC2SchemasToEC3Schemas Converts EC2 Xml ECSchema(s).  
upgradeCustomAttributesToEC3 Converts schema metadata to EC3 concepts by traversing custom attributes of the supplied schema and calling converters based on schemaName:customAttributeName  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
EntityClassType Parameter type that can accept both abstract constructor types and non-abstract constructor types for instanceof to test.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024