APIs for loading and using Settings and Workspace resources


Name Description  
SettingsSchemas The registry of available SettingSchemaGroups.  


Name Description  
WorkspaceSetting The Settings used by Workspace api  


Name Description  
SettingsPriority Values for SettingsPriority determine the sort order for Settings.  


Name Description  
EditableWorkspaceDb An editable WorkspaceDb.  
SettingInspector An entry in the array returned by inspectSetting  
SettingObject An object with string-named members (as opposed to an array object).  
Settings The current set of Settings for a Workspace.  
SettingSchema The properties of a single Setting, used by the settings editor.  
SettingSchemaGroup The properties of a group of SettingSchemas for an application.  
Workspace Settings and resources that customize an application for the current session.  
WorkspaceCloudCacheProps The properties of the CloudCache used for Workspaces.  
WorkspaceContainer A WorkspaceContainer is a type of CloudSqlite.CloudContainer that holds WorkspaceDbs.  
WorkspaceDb A WorkspaceDb holds workspace resources.  
WorkspaceOpts Options for constructing a Workspace.  


Name Description  
WorkspaceResource Types used to identify Workspace resources  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
DictionaryName The name of a SettingDictionary.  
SettingDictionary An object with Settings as its members.  
SettingName The name of a Setting.  
SettingResolver A function called by resolveSetting for every SettingDictionary with a Setting that matches a name.  
SettingType The type of a Setting, according to its schema  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024