RenderMode Enumeration

Enumerates the available basic rendering modes, as part of a DisplayStyle's ViewFlags. The rendering mode broadly affects various aspects of the display style - in particular, whether and how surfaces and their edges are drawn.


Name Value Description
HiddenLine Identical to SolidFill, except:
- Surfaces are drawn using the DisplayStyle's background color.
- Edges are drawn using their surface's colors; this can be overridden using Settings.
SmoothShade By default, renders surfaces without their edges.
Lighting and shadows can be applied using lighting and shadows.
Edges can be enabled using visibleEdges and hiddenEdges, and their appearance customized using Settings.
Surfaces can be drawn with transparency, based on transparency.
SolidFill Renders surfaces and their edges. By default, edges are drawn in white; this can be overridden using Settings.
All surfaces are rendered opaque. If a surface's transparency is below that specified by HiddenLine.Settings.transparencyThreshold, it is not rendered.
Materials and textures are not applied - surfaces are drawn in their actual colors.
visibleEdges is ignored - visible edges are always drawn. Hidden edges can be enabled using hiddenEdges.
Lighting (and by extension, shadows) is not applied.
Wireframe Renders only the edges of surfaces, with exceptions for planar regions based on their FillFlags.
Lighting (and by extension, shadows) is not applied.
Settings are not applied - edges use the elements' width, style, and color.
hiddenEdges is ignored - hidden edges are never displayed in wireframe mode.

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Last Updated: 13 June, 2024