IModelJson.CurvePrimitiveProps Interface

Property rules for json objects that can be deserialized to various CurvePrimitives

  • Only one of these is allowed in each instance.


Name Type Description
arc IModelJson.ArcByVectorProps | [XYZProps, XYZProps, XYZProps] {arc:...}  
bcurve IModelJson.BcurveProps | undefined {bcurve:...}  
interpolationCurve InterpolationCurve3dProps | undefined `{interpolationCurve:...}~  
lineSegment [XYZProps, XYZProps] | undefined {lineSegment:...}  
lineString XYZProps[] | undefined {lineString:...}  
transitionSpiral IModelJson.TransitionSpiralProps | undefined {transitionSpiral:...}  

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Last Updated: 13 June, 2024