Set of classes to categorize and manage ECSchema validation results.


Name Description  
BaseDiagnostic The abstract base class for all IDiagnostic implementations.  
ClassDiagnostic An IDiagnostic implementation used for ECClass diagnostics.  
CustomAttributeContainerDiagnostic An IDiagnostic implementation used for CustomAttributeContainerProps diagnostics.  
FormatDiagnosticReporter An abstract SuppressionDiagnosticReporter implementation that formats the  
LoggingDiagnosticReporter An IDiagnosticReporter for logging IDiagnostic objects.  
PropertyDiagnostic An IDiagnostic implementation used for PropertyDiagnostic.Property diagnostics.  
RelationshipConstraintDiagnostic An IDiagnostic implementation used for RelationshipConstraintDiagnostic.RelationshipConstraint diagnostics.  
SchemaDiagnostic An IDiagnostic implementation used for SchemaDiagnostic.Schema diagnostics.  
SchemaItemDiagnostic An IDiagnostic implementation used for SchemaItemDiagnostic.SchemaItem diagnostics.  
SuppressionDiagnosticReporter An abstract base class for IDiagnosticReporter implementation that used the  


Name Description  
DiagnosticCategory Defines the possible diagnostic categories.  
DiagnosticType Defines the possible diagnostic types.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
createClassDiagnosticClass Helper method for creating ClassDiagnostic child classes.  
createCustomAttributeContainerDiagnosticClass Helper method for creating CustomAttributeContainerDiagnostic child classes.  
createPropertyDiagnosticClass Helper method for creating PropertyDiagnostic child classes.  
createRelationshipConstraintDiagnosticClass Helper method for creating RelationshipConstraintDiagnostic child classes.  
createSchemaDiagnosticClass Helper method for creating SchemaDiagnostic child classes.  
createSchemaItemDiagnosticClass Helper method for creating SchemaItemDiagnostic child classes.  


Name Description  
IDiagnostic The interface implemented by all diagnostics used during schema validation.  
IDiagnosticReporter Interface used to report IDiagnostic objects created during schema validation.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AnyDiagnostic Type which encapsulates all possible diagnostics.  

Last Updated: 13 February, 2024