SchemaDiagnostic<ARGS extends any[]> Class

An IDiagnostic implementation used for Schema diagnostics.



Name Description
constructor<ARGS extends any[]>(schema: Schema, messageArgs: ARGS, category: DiagnosticCategoryDiagnosticCategory.Error): SchemaDiagnostic<ARGS> Initializes a new SchemaDiagnostic.  


Name Type Description
diagnosticType Accessor ReadOnly DiagnosticType Gets the DiagnosticType.  
diagnosticType Static DiagnosticType    
schema Accessor ReadOnly Schema Gets the schema where the diagnostic originated.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
category DiagnosticCategory BaseDiagnostic<Schema, ARGS> The diagnostic category is of the type DiagnosticCategory; which is defined as an enumeration above.
code Accessor Abstract ReadOnly string BaseDiagnostic<Schema, ARGS> Gets the unique string identifier for the diagnostic in the format ':'.
ecDefinition Schema BaseDiagnostic<Schema, ARGS> The EC object to associate with the diagnostic.
messageArgs ARGS | undefined BaseDiagnostic<Schema, ARGS> The arguments used when formatting the diagnostic message.
messageText Accessor Abstract ReadOnly string BaseDiagnostic<Schema, ARGS> Gets the message associated with the diagnostic.

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Last Updated: 17 July, 2024