ElectronMainAuthorizationConfiguration Interface

Client configuration to generate OIDC/OAuth tokens for native applications


Name Type Description
authenticationOptions Readonly AuthenticationOptions | undefined Additional options to use for every OIDC authentication request made by ElectronMainAuthorization.  
clientId Readonly string Client application's identifier as registered with the OIDC/OAuth2 provider.  
expiryBuffer Readonly number | undefined Time in seconds that's used as a buffer to check the token for validity/expiry.  
ipcSocket Readonly IpcSocketBackend | undefined Optional custom implementation of IpcSocketBackend to use for IPC communication with the Frontend counterpart of  
issuerUrl Readonly string | undefined The OAuth token issuer URL.  
redirectUris Readonly string[] List of redirect URIs available for use in the OAuth authorization flow.  
scopes Readonly string List of space separated scopes to request access to various resources.  
tokenStorePath Readonly string | undefined Directory path that overrides where the refresh token is stored, see RefreshTokenStore  

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2024