SelectedNodeInstancesSpecification Interface

Returns content for selected (input) instances.

@see Selected node instances specification reference documentation page



Name Type Description
acceptableClassNames string[] | undefined Specifies a list of class names which the input instances have to match for the specification to be used.  
acceptablePolymorphically boolean | undefined Specifies whether derived classes of acceptableClassNames should be included in the content.  
acceptableSchemaName string | undefined Specifies ECSchema name which the input instances have to match for the specification to be used.  
specType "SelectedNodeInstances" Used for serializing to JSON.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
calculatedProperties CalculatedPropertiesSpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications of calculated properties whose values are
onlyIfNotHandled boolean | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifies whether this specification should be ignored if another specification was handled before as
priority number | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Controls the order in which specifications are handled — specification with higher priority value is handled
propertyCategories PropertyCategorySpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for custom categories.
propertyOverrides PropertySpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for various property overrides that allow customizing property display.
relatedInstances RelatedInstanceSpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications of related instances that can be used when creating the content.
relatedProperties RelatedPropertiesSpecification[] | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Specifications of related properties which are
showImages boolean | undefined ContentSpecificationBase Should image IDs be calculated for the returned instances.

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Last Updated: 20 July, 2024