Types related to unified selection.


Name Description  
HiliteSetProvider Presentation-based provider which uses presentation ruleset to determine  
SelectionChangeEvent An event broadcasted on selection changes  
SelectionHandler A class that handles selection changes and helps to change  
SelectionHelper Helper class for working with selection.  
SelectionManager The selection manager which stores the overall selection.  
SelectionScopesManager A manager that knows available selection scopes  


Name Description  
SelectionChangeType The type of selection change  

Global Functions

Name Description  
createSelectionScopeProps Normalizes given scope options and returns SelectionScopeProps that can be used for  
getScopeId Determines the scope id Deprecated


Name Description  
HiliteSet A set of model, subcategory and element ids that can be used for specifying  
HiliteSetProviderProps Properties for creating a HiliteSetProvider instance.  
ISelectionProvider Selection provider interface which provides main selection and sub-selection.  
SelectionChangeEventArgs The event object that's sent when the selection changes.  
SelectionHandlerProps Properties for creating a SelectionHandler instance.  
SelectionManagerProps Properties for creating SelectionManager.  
SelectionScopesManagerProps Properties for creating SelectionScopesManager.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
SelectionChangesListener An interface for selection change listeners.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024