SelectionScopesManager Class

A manager that knows available selection scopes and can compute logical selection based on element IDs and selection scope.


Name Description
constructor(props: SelectionScopesManagerProps): SelectionScopesManager    
computeSelection(imodel: IModelConnection, ids: Id64Arg, scope: string | SelectionScopeProps | SelectionScope): Promise<KeySet> Computes keys that need to be added to logical selection based on provided selection scope.  
getSelectionScopes(imodel: IModelConnection, locale?: string): Promise<SelectionScope[]> Get available selection scopes.  


Name Type Description
activeLocale Accessor ReadOnly undefined | string Get active locale  
activeScope Accessor undefined | string | SelectionScopeProps | SelectionScope The active selection scope or its id  

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Last Updated: 20 July, 2024