About iModel.js

The Open Platform for Infrastructure Digital Twins
iModel.js is a platform for creating, accessing, leveraging and integrating infrastructure digital twins. An Infrastructure digital twin is a digital representation of an asset or system and the context and controls of its surrounding environment. Infrastructure owners and operators are embracing digital twins for better planning, delivery, operation and maintenance of their assets.

The heart of an Infrastructure Digital Twin is a relational database — known as an iModel — that contains components assembled from many sources. Changes to an iModel are managed by iModelHub and synchronized with distributed copies — creating a distributed database. The iModel.js platform can be used to integrate your infrastructure digital twin into your digital workflows, and contains tools for creating, visualizing, querying, mining, synchronizing, aligning, and securing your digital twin.

Open for Business and Innovation
iModel.js was designed to be both flexible and open, so that it can be easily used and integrated with other systems. It makes use of standard cloud and web technologies chosen to reduce input impedance with your codebase, and to preserve flexibility over time. A primary reason for open-sourcing the iModel.js platform is to foster innovation and novel uses of the technology. The opportunities for connecting infrastructure digital twins are vast and diverse, and we strongly encourage your involvement and suggestions for enhancing iModel.js and the iModel.js community.

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  • Aligned
    An iModel can combine information from many sources - CAD files, BIM files, databases, schematics, spreadsheets, etc. The vocabulary of iModels is BIS.
  • Accountable
    Change is a first class concept in iModel.js. Knowing who changed what and when adds a new dimension (time) to your Digital Twin, since iModelHub stores the timeline of changes.
  • Accessible
    Your digital twin becomes valuable for a multitude of use cases and an unlimited number of users. iModel.js apps can be infinitely scalable and connected everywhere.
  • Approachable
    Programmers feel at home with iModel.js because it purposely builds on the most modern and popular technologies and frameworks available, minimizing the out-of-the-box learning curve.
  • Anywhere
    Write your application logic and user interface once and run it on Cloud, Web, Desktop, and Mobile devices.
  • Amazing
    iModel.js handles the complexity of managing a large scale distributed digital twin efficiently so you can focus on other things. It is modular so you only use what you need.
  • About
    There's lots of resources to ask questions, make suggestions, and get help. We'd also love to have your contributions!