Widget Interface

Describes the data needed to provide a widget.


Name Type Description
allowedPanels Readonly undefined | Stage panels to which this widget can be docked.  
badge Readonly undefined | BadgeType    
canFloat Readonly boolean | CanFloatWidgetOptions Set to false to disable floating of a widget.  
canPopout Readonly undefined | boolean Describes if the widget can be popped out to a separate window.  
content Readonly undefined | ReactNode Content of the Widget.  
defaultState Readonly undefined | WidgetState Defaults to Floating if widget is not allowed to dock to any panels.  
icon Readonly undefined | IconSpec    
id Readonly string    
label Readonly string | ConditionalStringValue    
priority Readonly undefined | number    
tooltip Readonly string | ConditionalStringValue    

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024