IModelAppOptions Interface

Options that can be supplied to IModelApp.startup to customize frontend behavior.


Name Type Description
accuDraw undefined | AccuDraw If present, supplies the AccuDraw for this session.  
accuSnap undefined | AccuSnap If present, supplies the AccuSnap for this session.  
applicationId undefined | string If present, supplies the Id of this application.  
applicationVersion undefined | string If present, supplies the version of this application.  
authorizationClient undefined | AuthorizationClient The AuthorizationClient used to obtain AccessTokens.  
hubAccess undefined | FrontendHubAccess If present, supplies the FrontendHubAccess for this session.  
localization undefined | Localization If present, supplies the Localization for this session.  
mapLayerOptions undefined | MapLayerOptions If present, supplies Map Layer Options for this session such as Azure Access Keys  
notifications undefined | NotificationManager If present, supplies the NotificationManager for this session.  
publicPath undefined | string If present, overrides where public assets are fetched.  
realityDataAccess undefined | RealityDataAccess    
renderSys RenderSystem | RenderSystem.Options If present, supplies an implementation of the render system, or options for initializing the default render system.  
rpcInterfaces undefined | RpcInterfaceDefinition<RpcInterface>[]   Deprecated  
security undefined | FrontendSecurityOptions If present, supplies security options for the frontend.  
tentativePoint undefined | TentativePoint If present, supplies the TentativePoint for this session.  
tileAdmin undefined | TileAdmin.Props If present, supplies the properties with which to initialize the TileAdmin for this session.  
toolAdmin undefined | ToolAdmin If present, supplies the ToolAdmin for this session.  
uiAdmin undefined | UiAdmin If present, supplies the UiAdmin for this session.  
userPreferences undefined | UserPreferencesAccess If present, supplies the UserPreferencesAccess for this session.  
viewManager undefined | ViewManager If present, supplies the ViewManager for this session.  

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Last Updated: 10 May, 2023