IModelApp Class

Global singleton that connects the user interface with the iTwin.js services. There can be only one IModelApp active in a session. All members of IModelApp are static, and it serves as a singleton object for gaining access to session information.

Before any interactive operations may be performed by the @itwin/core-frontend package, startup must be called and awaited. Applications may customize the frontend behavior of iTwin.js by supplying options to startup.


Name Description
constructor(): IModelApp Protected    
getAccessToken(): Promise<string> Static Get the user's access token for this IModelApp, or a blank string if none is available.  
makeHTMLElement<K extends >(type: K, opt?: { className?: string, id?: string, innerHTML?: string, innerText?: string, parent?: HTMLElement }): Static Shortcut for creating an HTMLElement with optional parent, className, id, innerHTML, innerText.  
makeLogoCard(opts: { heading: string | HTMLElement, iconSrc?: string | HTMLImageElement, iconWidth?: number, notice?: string | HTMLElement }): HTMLTableRowElement Static Make a new Logo Card.  
makeModalDiv(options: ModalOptions): ModalReturn Static Shortcut for making a modal dialog on top of the root of the application.  
queryRenderCompatibility(): WebGLRenderCompatibilityInfo Static Obtain WebGL rendering compatibility information for the client system.  
requestNextAnimation(): void Static Request that the event loop execute on the next animation frame.  
shutdown(): Promise<void> Static Must be called before the application exits to release any held resources.  
startup(opts?: IModelAppOptions): Promise<void> Static This method must be called before any other @itwin/core-frontend methods are used.  
translateStatus(status: number): string Static Localize an error status  


Name Type Description
accuDraw Accessor Static ReadOnly AccuDraw The AccuDraw for this session.  
accuSnap Accessor Static ReadOnly AccuSnap The AccuSnap for this session.  
animationInterval Accessor Static undefined | BeDuration Controls how frequently the application polls for changes that may require a new animation frame to be requested.  
applicationId Accessor Static ReadOnly string The Id of this application.  
applicationLogoCard Static () => HTMLTableRowElement | undefined Applications may implement this method to supply a Logo Card.  
applicationVersion Accessor Static ReadOnly string The version of this application.  
authorizationClient Static AuthorizationClient | undefined The AuthorizationClient used to obtain AccessTokens.  
hasRenderSystem Accessor Static ReadOnly boolean Whether the [renderSystem[]] has been successfully initialized.  
hubAccess Accessor Static ReadOnly undefined | FrontendHubAccess Provides access to IModelHub services.  
initialized Accessor Static ReadOnly boolean True after startup has been called, until shutdown is called.  
localization Accessor Static ReadOnly Localization The Localization for this session.  
locateManager Accessor Static ReadOnly ElementLocateManager    
mapLayerFormatRegistry Accessor Static ReadOnly MapLayerFormatRegistry The MapLayerFormatRegistry for this session.  
notifications Accessor Static ReadOnly NotificationManager The NotificationManager for this session.  
onAfterStartup Static Readonly BeEvent<() => void> Event raised after IModelApp startup completes.  
onBeforeShutdown Static Readonly BeEvent<() => void> Event raised just before the frontend IModelApp is to be shutdown.  
publicPath Accessor Static ReadOnly string If present, overrides where public assets are fetched.  
quantityFormatter Accessor Static ReadOnly QuantityFormatter The QuantityFormatter for this session.  
realityDataAccess Accessor Static ReadOnly undefined | RealityDataAccess Provides access to the RealityData service implementation for this IModelApp  
renderSystem Accessor Static ReadOnly RenderSystem The RenderSystem for this session.  
securityOptions Accessor Static ReadOnly FrontendSecurityOptions The requested security options for the frontend.  
sessionId Static string A uniqueId for this session  
tentativePoint Accessor Static ReadOnly TentativePoint The TentativePoint for this session]].  
terrainProviderRegistry Accessor Static ReadOnly TerrainProviderRegistry The TerrainProviderRegistry for this session.  
tileAdmin Accessor Static ReadOnly TileAdmin The TileAdmin for this session.  
toolAdmin Accessor Static ReadOnly ToolAdmin The ToolAdmin for this session.  
tools Static Readonly ToolRegistry The ToolRegistry for this session.  
uiAdmin Accessor Static ReadOnly UiAdmin The UiAdmin for this session.  
userPreferences Accessor Static ReadOnly undefined | UserPreferencesAccess The UserPreferencesAccess for this session.  
viewManager Accessor Static ReadOnly ViewManager The ViewManager for this session.  

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Last Updated: 17 July, 2024