Node Namespace


Name Description
Node.fromJSON Deserialize Node from JSON
Node.toJSON Serialize given Node to JSON

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Node Interface

Data structure that describes a tree node.


Name Type Description
backColor undefined | string Background color Deprecated  
description undefined | string Extensive description  
extendedData undefined | { T } Extended data injected into this node  
fontStyle undefined | string Font style Deprecated  
foreColor undefined | string Foreground color Deprecated  
hasChildren undefined | boolean Does this node have child nodes  
imageId undefined | string Image ID Deprecated  
isCheckboxEnabled undefined | boolean Is this node's checkbox enabled Deprecated  
isCheckboxVisible undefined | boolean Is checkbox visible for this node Deprecated  
isChecked undefined | boolean Is this node's checkbox checked Deprecated  
isEditable undefined | boolean Is this node editable  
isExpanded undefined | boolean Is this node expanded  
isSelectionDisabled undefined | boolean Is this node selectable  
key NodeKey A key that uniquely identifies a node.  
label LabelDefinition Definition of node display label  
supportsFiltering undefined | boolean Identifies whether the hierarchy level below this node supports filtering.  

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Last Updated: 17 April, 2024