RenderTexture Namespace


Name Description
RenderTexture.Type The types of RenderTextures that can be created by a RenderSystem.


Name Description
RenderTexture.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderTexture.

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RenderTexture Class

Represents a texture image applied to a surface during rendering. A RenderTexture is typically - but not always - associated with a RenderMaterial.

@see - RenderSystem.createTextureFromImage to obtain a texture from an HTML image.



Name Description
constructor(type: RenderTexture.Type): RenderTexture Protected    
dispose(): void Abstract Releases any WebGL resources owned by this texture.  


Name Type Description
bytesUsed Accessor Abstract ReadOnly number    
isGlyph Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isSkyBox Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isTileSection Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
type Readonly RenderTexture.Type Indicates the type of texture.  

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Last Updated: 25 May, 2024