Miscellaneous utility classes.


Name Description  
AbandonedError Beta
BeDuration A duration of time.  
BeTimePoint A specific point in time relative to the current time.  
ByteStream Allows the contents of an ArrayBuffer to be consumed sequentially using methods to extract Beta
ClientRequestContext Provides generic context for a server application to get details of a particular  
DisposableList A disposable container of disposable objects.  
OneAtATimeAction Orchestrator of a one-at-a-time activity. Beta
StopWatch A StopWatch for timing operations.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
assert Assert by throwing a programmer error. Beta
base64StringToUint8Array Given a base-64-encoded string, decode it into an array of bytes.  
compareWithTolerance An OrderedComparator for numbers that treats two numbers as equal if the absolute value of their difference is less than a specified tolerance.  
dispose Convenience function for disposing of a disposable object that may be undefined.  
disposeArray Disposes of and empties a list of disposable objects.  
using A 'using' function which is a substitution for .NET's using statement.  
utf8ToString Given an array of bytes containing a utf-8 string, convert to a string.  


Name Description  
ClientRequestContextProps The data properties of ClientRequestContext.  
IDisposable Interface adopted by a type which has deterministic cleanup logic.  
SerializedClientRequestContext Serialized format for sending the client request context across the RPC layer  


Name Description  
JsonUtils Utility functions for converting from JSON objects, with default values.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
DisposeFunc A definition of function which may be called to dispose an object  
OrderedComparator A function that returns a numerical value indicating how two objects are ordered in relation to one another.  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020