Types for working with geometry.


Name Description  
Cartographic A position on the earth defined by longitude, latitude, and height above the WGS84 ellipsoid.  
CartographicRange A cartographic range representing a rectangular region if low longitude/latitude > high then area crossing seam is indicated.  
GeometryStreamBuilder GeometryStreamBuilder is a helper class for populating the GeometryStreamProps array needed to create a GeometricElement or GeometryPart.  
GeometryStreamIterator GeometryStreamIterator is a helper class for iterating a GeometryStreamProps.  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry Holds current state information for GeometryStreamIterator.  
ImageGraphic A geometric primitive that displays an image mapped to the corners of a quadrilateral, with an optional border. Beta
ImageGraphicCorners Defines the 4 corners of an ImageGraphic. Beta
Placement2d The placement of a GeometricElement2d.  
Placement3d The placement of a GeometricElement3d.  
TextString A single line of text, all with the same font, styles (underline, bold, italic), and size.  


Name Description  
GeometryStreamFlags Flags applied to the entire contents of a GeometryStreamProps.  
MassPropertiesOperation Specify whether to accumulate volumes, areas, or lengths for the supplied elements. Beta


Name Description  
AreaFillProps Add a AreaFillProps.gradient, AreaFillProps.backgroundFill, or solid AreaFillProps.color fill to subsequent planar regions (or meshes).  
DecorationGeometryProps Information required to request a snap to a pickable decoration from the front end to the back end. Beta
GeometryAppearanceProps Establish a non-default SubCategory or to override SubCategoryAppearance for the geometry that follows.  
GeometryPartInstanceProps Add a reference to a GeometryPart from the GeometryStream of a GeometricElement.  
GeometryStreamEntryProps Allowed GeometryStream entries - should only set one value.  
GeometryStreamHeaderProps An entry in a GeometryStreamProps containing GeometryStreamFlags that apply to the geometry stream as a whole.  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.BRepPrimitive Represents a BRep within a GeometryStream.  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.GeometryPrimitive Represents one of a variety of GeometryQuery objects within a GeometryStream.  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.ImagePrimitive Represents an image within a GeometryStream.  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.PartReference Represents a reference to a GeometryPart within a GeometryStream.  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.TextStringPrimitive Represents a text string within a GeometryStream.  
ImageGraphicProps JSON representation of an [[ImageGraphic]. Beta
MassPropertiesRequestProps Information required to request mass properties for elements from the front end to the back end. Beta
MassPropertiesResponseProps Information returned from the back end to the front end holding the result of the mass properties calculation. Beta
MaterialProps Override SubCategoryAppearance.materialId for subsequent surface and solid geometry.  
SnapRequestProps Information required to request a snap to an element from the front end to the back end. Beta
SnapResponseProps Information returned from the back end to the front end holding the result of a snap operation. Beta
TextStringProps Properties for a TextString class.  


Name Description  
BRepEntity Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AxisAlignedBox3d A Range3d that is aligned with the axes of spatial coordinates.  
AxisAlignedBox3dProps The properties of a Range3d.  
ElementAlignedBox2d A bounding box aligned to the orientation of a 2d Element  
ElementAlignedBox3d A bounding box aligned to the orientation of a 3d Element  
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.Primitive Union of all possible geometric primitive types that may appear within a GeometryStream.  
GeometryStreamProps A GeometricElement's GeometryStream is represented by an array of GeometryStreamEntryProps.  
ImageGraphicCornersProps JSON representation of the 4 corners of an ImageGraphicProps. Beta
LocalAlignedBox3d A bounding box aligned to a local coordinate system  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020