Name Description
Backstage Backstage component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
BackstageItem Item in the Backstage. Beta
BackstageSeparator Item separator in the Backstage component. Beta
Dialog Dialog used in footer indicators. Beta
ExpandableItem Expandable toolbar item. Beta
Footer component. Beta
FooterIndicator Indicator used in Footer component. Beta
FooterPopup Popup component used in Footer component. Beta
FooterSeparator Footer indicator separator used in Footer component. Beta
Item Toolbar item component. Beta
MergeTarget Zone target used to merge widgets. Beta
Message Component used to define toast, sticky and activity message. Beta
MessageButton Button component used in Message component. Beta
MessageCenter Message center indicator used in Footer component. Beta
MessageCenterDialog Message center dialog used with MessageCenter component. Beta
MessageCenterMessage Message entry in MessageCenterDialog component. Beta
MessageCenterTab Message center tab used in MessageCenterDialog component. Beta
Hyperlink component used in Message component. Beta
MessageLayout Layout used in Message component. Beta
MessageProgress Progress bar component used in Message component. Beta
NestedStagePanelsManager Class used to manage NestedStagePanelsManagerProps. Beta
NestedToolSettings Used in ToolSettings component to display nested tool settings. Beta
Outline Zone outline displayed when merging/unmerging zones. Beta
Overflow Expandable toolbar item component that displays ellipsis icon. Beta
ScrollableToolSettings Used in ToolSettings or NestedToolSettings components to display scrollable tool settings. Beta
Snap Snap row used in SnapModePanel component. Beta
SnapMode Snap mode indicator used in Footer component. Beta
SnapModePanel Snap mode panel used with SnapMode component. Beta
Splitter Splitter component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
SplitterPaneTarget Visual target component used to merge widgets in a splitter pane. Beta
SplitterTarget Visual target component used to add widgets to a splitter. Beta
StagePanel Stage panel used in StagePanels component. Beta
StagePanelManager Class used to manage StagePanelManagerProps. Beta
StagePanels Stage panels component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
StagePanelsManager Class used to manage StagePanelsManagerProps. Beta
StagePanelTarget Zone target used to merge widgets to stage panels. Beta
TitleBar Title bar of Dialog component. Beta
TitleBarButton Button used in TitleBar component. Beta
ToolAssistance Tool assistance indicator used in Footer component. Beta
ToolAssistanceDialog Tool assistance dialog used with ToolAssistance component. Beta
ToolAssistanceInstruction Tool assistance instruction used in ToolAssistanceDialog component. Beta
ToolAssistanceItem Tool assistance item used in ToolAssistanceDialog component. Beta
ToolAssistanceSeparator Tool assistance item separator used in ToolAssistanceDialog component. Beta
Toolbar A toolbar that contains toolbar items. Beta
ToolSettings Tool settings widget is used to display Tool Settings and Tool Assistance (in Zone 2 of 9-Zone UI). Beta
ToolSettingsPopup Popup component used in ToolSettings component. Beta
ToolSettingsTab Tool settings widget tab is displayed when the ToolSettings widget is closed. Beta
Tooltip Positionable tooltip component. Beta
UserProfile User profile component used in Backstage header. Beta
Zone Zone component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
Zones Zones container component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
ZonesManager Class used to manage ZonesManagerProps. Beta


Name Description
widgetZoneIds Array of all widget zone Ids. Beta


Name Description
Direction Available directions. Beta
DisabledResizeHandles Describes disabled resize handles. Beta
FooterPopupContentType Available footer popup content types. Beta
HorizontalAnchor Available Stacked widget horizontal anchors. Beta
ResizeHandle Available resize handles of rectangular widget. Beta
SafeAreaInsets Describes available safe area insets. Beta
StagePanelType Describes available stage panel types. Beta
Status Available status types of status message. Beta
ToolbarPanelAlignment Available alignment modes of Toolbar panels. Beta
ToolSettingsWidgetMode Available modes of tool settings widget. Beta
VerticalAnchor Available Stacked widget vertical anchors. Beta
ZoneTargetType Available zone targets. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description
getDefaultStagePanelManagerProps Returns default StagePanelManagerProps object. Beta
getDefaultStagePanelsManagerProps Returns default StagePanelsManagerProps object. Beta
getDefaultZonesManagerProps Returns default ZonesManagerProps object. Beta
withDragInteraction HOC to add open panel action via drag interaction. Beta


Name Description
BackstageItemProps Properties of BackstageItem component. Beta
BackstageProps Properties of Backstage component. Beta
DialogProps Properties of Dialog component. Beta
DraggedWidgetManagerProps Dragged widget properties used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta
ExpandableItemProps Properties of ExpandableItem component. Beta
FooterIndicatorProps Properties of FooterIndicator component. Beta
FooterPopupProps Properties of FooterPopup component. Beta
FooterProps Properties of Footer component. Beta
FooterSeparatorProps Properties of FooterSeparator component. Beta
ItemProps Properties of Item component. Beta
MergeTargetProps Properties of MergeTarget component. Beta
MessageButtonProps Properties of MessageButton component. Beta
MessageCenterDialogProps Properties of MessageCenterDialog component. Beta
MessageCenterMessageProps Properties of MessageCenterMessage component. Beta
MessageCenterProps Properties of MessageCenter component. Beta
MessageCenterTabProps Properties of MessageCenterTab component. Beta
MessageHyperlinkProps Properties of MessageHyperlink component. Beta
MessageLayoutProps Properties of MessageLayout component. Beta
NestedStagePanelKey Key used to identify stage panel in NestedStagePanelsManagerProps. Beta
NestedStagePanelsManagerProps Properties used by NestedStagePanelsManager. Beta
NestedToolSettingsProps Properties of NestedToolSettings component. Beta
OutlineProps Properties of OutlineProps component. Beta
OverflowProps Properties of Overflow component. Beta
ProgressProps Properties of MessageProgress component. Beta
ScrollableToolSettingsProps Properties of ScrollableToolSettings component. Beta
SnapModePanelProps Properties of SnapModePanel component. Beta
SnapModeProps Properties of SnapMode component. Beta
SnapProps Properties of Snap component. Beta
SplitterProps Properties of Splitter component. Beta
SplitterTargetProps Properties of SplitterTarget component. Beta
StagePanelManagerProps Properties used by StagePanelManager. Beta
StagePanelProps Properties of StagePanel component. Beta
StagePanelsManagerProps Properties used to manage stage panels. Beta
StagePanelsProps Properties of StagePanels component. Beta
StagePanelTargetProps Properties of StagePanel component. Beta
StatusMessageProps Properties of Message component. Beta
TitleBarButtonProps Properties of TitleBarButton component. Beta
TitleBarProps Properties of TitleBar component. Beta
ToolAssistanceDialogProps Properties of ToolAssistanceDialog component. Beta
ToolAssistanceInstructionProps Properties of ToolAssistanceInstruction component. Beta
ToolAssistanceItemProps Properties of ToolAssistanceItem component. Beta
ToolAssistanceProps Properties of ToolAssistance component. Beta
ToolAssistanceSeparatorProps Properties of ToolAssistanceSeparator component. Beta
ToolbarProps Properties of Toolbar component. Beta
ToolSettingsPopupProps Properties of ToolSettingsPopup component. Beta
ToolSettingsProps Properties of ToolSettings component. Beta
ToolSettingsTabProps Properties of ToolSettingsTab component. Beta
ToolSettingsWidgetManagerProps Tool settings widget properties used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta
TooltipProps Properties of Tooltip component. Beta
UserProfileProps Properties of UserProfile component. Beta
WidgetManagerProps Widget properties used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta
WithDragInteractionProps Properties of withDragInteraction HOC. Beta
ZoneManagerFloatingProps Floating zone properties used in ZoneManagerProps. Beta
ZoneManagerProps Zone properties used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta
ZoneProps Properties of Zone component. Beta
ZonesManagerProps Properties used by ZonesManager. Beta
ZonesManagerTargetProps Zone target used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta
ZonesManagerWidgetResizeArgs Arguments used in ZonesManager.handleWidgetResize. Beta
ZonesProps Properties of Zones component. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description
BackstageDefaultProps Default properties of Backstage component. Beta
FooterPopupDefaultProps Default properties of FooterPopup component. Beta
NestedStagePanelsId Used to identify stage panels in NestedStagePanelsManagerProps. Beta
TooltipDefaultProps Default properties of Tooltip component. Beta
WidgetZoneId Widget zone id. Beta
ZonesManagerWidgetsProps Widgets used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta
ZonesManagerZonesProps Zones used in ZonesManagerProps. Beta

Last Updated: 13 June, 2024