Types for describing how the contents of Views should be rendered.


Name Description  
BackgroundMapSettings Normalized representation of a BackgroundMapProps for which type and provider have been validated and default values have been applied where explicit values not defined. Beta
DisplayStyle3dSettings Provides access to the settings defined by a DisplayStyle3d or DisplayStyle3dState, and ensures that Beta
DisplayStyleSettings Provides access to the settings defined by a DisplayStyle or DisplayStyleState, and ensures that Beta
GroundPlane A circle drawn at a Z elevation, whose diameter is the the XY diagonal of the project extents, used to represent the ground as a reference point within a spatial view.  
SubCategoryOverride Overrides selected aspects of a SubCategoryAppearance in the context of a DisplayStyleState.  
ViewFlags Flags for controlling how graphics appear within a View.  


Name Description  
BackgroundMapType Describes the type of background map displayed by a DisplayStyle  
RenderMode Enumerates the available rendering modes.  
SkyBoxImageType Enumerates the supported types of SkyBox images.  


Name Description  
BackgroundMapProps JSON representation of the settings associated with a background map displayed by a DisplayStyle.  
ContextRealityModelProps JSON representation of a context reality model  
DisplayStyle3dProps JSON representation of a DisplayStyle3d or DisplayStyle3dState.  
DisplayStyle3dSettingsProps JSON representation of settings associated with a DisplayStyle3dProps.  
DisplayStyleProps JSON representation of a DisplayStyle or DisplayStyleState.  
DisplayStyleSettingsProps JSON representation of the settings associated with a DisplayStyleProps.  
DisplayStyleSubCategoryProps Describes the SubCategoryOverrides applied to a SubCategory by a DisplayStyle.  
EnvironmentProps JSON representation of the environment setup of a DisplayStyle3d.  
GroundPlaneProps JSON representation of a GroundPlane.  
SkyBoxImageProps JSON representation of an image or images used by a SkySphere or SkyCube.  
SkyBoxProps JSON representation of a SkyBox.  
SkyCubeProps JSON representation of a set of images used by a SkyCube.  
SolarShadowProps JSON representation of a solar shadow settings. Beta
ViewFlagProps JSON representation of ViewFlags  


Name Description  
AmbientOcclusion Namespace containing types controlling how ambient occlusion should be drawn. Beta
HiddenLine Namespace containing types controlling how edges and surfaces should be drawn in "hidden line" and "solid fill" RenderModes. Beta
RenderSchedule A schedule (or script) for controlling the visibility, position and symbology of a series of elements over a period of time. Beta
SolarShadows Namespace containing types controlling how solar shadows should be drawn. Beta
SpatialClassificationProps Geometry may be classified by its spatial location. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BackgroundMapProviderName The current set of supported background map providers. Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020