A bspline curve or surface is used for curved freeform geometry defined by controls points (sometimes called poles).

  • BSplineCurve -- a curve in XYZ coordinates
  • BSplineSurfaceXYZ -- a surface with XYZ
  • BsplineSurfaceXYZW -- a surface with weighted (rational) XYZ coordinates
  • KnotVector -- vector of breakpoints in bspline definitions.


Name Description  
Bezier1dNd Shared implementation details for derived bezier curve classes  
BezierCurve3d 3d Bezier curve class.  
BezierCurve3dH 3d curve with homogeneous weights.  
BezierCurveBase Base class for CurvePrimitive (necessarily 3D) with _polygon.  
BSpline1dNd Bspline knots and poles for 1d-to-Nd.  
BSpline2dNd Bspline knots and poles for 2d-to-Nd.  
BSplineCurve3d A BSplineCurve3d is a bspline curve whose poles are Point3d.  
BSplineCurve3dBase Base class for BSplineCurve3d and BSplineCurve3dH.  
BSplineCurve3dH Weighted (Homogeneous) BSplineCurve in 3d  
BSplineSurface3d BSplineSurface3d is a parametric surface in xyz space.  
BSplineSurface3dH BsplinceCurve in xyzw homogeneous space  
KnotVector Array of non-decreasing numbers acting as a knot array for bsplines.  


Name Description  
BSplineWrapMode Enumeration of the possible ways of converting a "periodic" knot vector to an open knot vector.  
UVSelect UVSelect is an integer indicating uDirection (0) or vDirection (1) in a bspline surface parameterization.  
WeightStyle Enumeration of how weights are carried  


Name Description  
BSplineSurface3dQuery Interface for methods supported by both regular (xyz) and weighted (xyzw) bspline surfaces.  
PackedPointGrid interface for points returned from getPointGrid, with annotation of physical and weighting dimensions.  

Last Updated: 23 April, 2020