Name Description
AccessToken Token issued by DelegationSecureTokenService for API access Beta
Asset Connect asset. Beta
AuthenticationError Error for issues with authentication. Beta
AuthorizedClientRequestContext Provides generic context for a server application to get details of a particular request that originated at the client.
BaseEventSAS Base class for event shared access signatures.
BIMReviewShareClient Client wrapper to Reality Data Service
BriefcaseEvent Base type for iModelHub events that have BriefcaseId. Beta
ChangeSet ChangeSet represents a file containing changes to the iModel. Beta
ChangeSetHandler Handler for managing ChangeSets. Beta
ChangeSetPostPushEvent Sent when a ChangeSet is successfully pushed. Beta
ChangeSetPrePushEvent Sent when a ChangeSet push has started. Beta
ChangeSetQuery Query object for getting ChangeSets. Beta
Client Base class for all Client implementations Beta
Config Helper class that manages all configuration settings for an iModel.js application.
ConnectClient Client API to access the connect services. Beta
Content Content
Context Connect context. Beta
ECInstance Base class for all typed instances mapped to ECInstance-s in an ECDb Beta
EventHandler Handler for receiving IModelHubEvents. Beta
EventSAS Shared access signature token for getting IModelHubEvents. Beta
EventSubscription Subscription to receive IModelHubEvents. Beta
EventSubscriptionHandler Handler for managing EventSubscriptions. Beta
HubIModel HubIModel represents an iModel on iModelHub. Beta
IModelBankHandler This class acts as the WsgClient for other iModelBank Handlers. Beta
IModelBaseHandler This class acts as the WsgClient for other iModelHub Handlers. Beta
IModelClient Base class that allows access to different iModel related Class handlers. Beta
IModelDeletedEvent Sent when an iModel is deleted. Beta
IModelHandler Handler for managing HubIModel instance. Beta
IModelHubBaseEvent Base type for all iModelHub global events Beta
IModelHubClient Class that allows access to different iModelHub class handlers. Beta
IModelHubClientError Errors for incorrect iModelHub requests. Beta
IModelHubError Error returned from iModelHub service. Beta
IModelHubEvent Base type for all iModelHub events. Beta
IModelQuery Query object for getting HubIModel instances. Beta
IModelsHandler Handler for managing HubIModel instances. Beta
InstanceIdQuery Query for instances with Guid based instance ids. Beta
OidcClient Beta
Project Connect project. Beta
RequestGlobalOptions Beta
ResponseError Error object that's thrown/rejected if the Request fails due to a network error, or if the status is not in the range of 200-299 (inclusive) Beta
StringIdQuery Query for instances with string based instance ids. Beta
Token Base class for JWT and SAML tokens Beta
UserInfo Information on the authenticated user. Beta
Version Named Version is a specific ChangeSet given a name to differentiate it from others. Beta
VersionEvent Sent when a new named Version is created. Beta
VersionHandler Handler for managing Versions. Beta
VersionQuery Query object for getting Versions. Beta
WsgClient Base class for Client implementations of services that are based on WSG Beta
WsgError Error that was returned by a WSG based service. Beta
WsgInstance Base class for all typed instances mapped to ECInstance-s in both an ECDb, and the WSG repository Beta
WsgQuery Base class for Query objects. Beta


Name Description
requestIdHeaderName Beta


Name Description
ChangesType Specifies types of changes in a ChangeSet. Beta
ClientsLoggerCategory Logger categories used by this package Beta
ContextType Connect context type Beta
InitializationState Initialization state of seed file. Beta


Name Description
AuthorizedClientRequestContextProps The properties of AuthorizedClientRequestContext.
CloneIModelTemplate Create an iModel by cloning another. Beta
ConnectRequestQueryOptions Options to request connect projects Beta
FileHandler Handler for file system, and upload / download. Beta
IAuthorizationClient Interface to provide authorization information for various API Beta
IModelCreateOptions Options used when creating an HubIModel with IModelHandler.create or IModelsHandler.create. Beta
IOidcFrontendClient Interface to implement a typical frontend client Beta
OidcFrontendClientConfiguration Client configuration to generate OIDC/OAuth tokens for browser applications Beta
ProgressInfo Beta
RequestBasicCredentials Beta
RequestOptions Beta
RequestQueryOptions Typical option to query REST API. Beta
RequestQueryStringifyOptions Beta
RequestTimeoutOptions Option to control the time outs Beta
Response Response object if the request was successful. Beta
WsgRequestOptions Options for WSG requests sent to the service Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description
ChangeState Beta
EmptyIModelTemplate Create an iModel from an empty file. Beta
EventType Type of IModelHubEvent. Beta
ThumbnailSize Thumbnail size. Beta
ValueType Deprecated

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020