Classes for working with Messages


Name Description  
Dialog Dialog used in footer indicators. Beta
Message Component used to define toast, sticky and activity message. Beta
MessageButton Button component used in Message component. Beta
Hyperlink component used in Message component. Beta
MessageLayout Layout used in Message component. Beta
MessageProgress Progress bar component used in Message component. Beta
TitleBar Title bar of Dialog component. Beta
TitleBarButton Button used in TitleBar component. Beta


Name Description  
Status Available status types of status message. Beta


Name Description  
DialogProps Properties of Dialog component. Beta
MessageButtonProps Properties of MessageButton component. Beta
MessageHyperlinkProps Properties of MessageHyperlink component. Beta
MessageLayoutProps Properties of MessageLayout component. Beta
ProgressProps Properties of MessageProgress component. Beta
StatusMessageProps Properties of Message component. Beta
TitleBarButtonProps Properties of TitleBarButton component. Beta
TitleBarProps Properties of TitleBar component. Beta

Last Updated: 04 June, 2020