Name Description
BackgroundMapSettings Normalized representation of a BackgroundMapProps for which type and provider have been validated and default values have been applied where explicit values not defined. Beta
BentleyCloudRpcConfiguration Operating parameters for Bentley cloud RPC interface deployments.
BentleyCloudRpcManager Coordinates usage of RPC interfaces for Bentley cloud deployments.
BentleyCloudRpcProtocol An http protocol for Bentley cloud RPC interface deployments.
Camera The current position (eyepoint), lens angle, and focus distance of a camera.
Cartographic A position on the earth defined by longitude, latitude, and height above the WGS84 ellipsoid.
CartographicRange A cartographic range representing a rectangular region if low longitude/latitude > high then area crossing seam is indicated.
CloudStorageCache Beta
CloudStorageTileCache Beta
Code A three-part structure containing information about the Code of an Element
CodeSpec A Code Specification captures the rules for encoding and decoding significant business information into
ColorDef An integer representation of a color.
DisplayStyle3dSettings Provides access to the settings defined by a DisplayStyle3d or DisplayStyle3dState, and ensures that Beta
DisplayStyleSettings Provides access to the settings defined by a DisplayStyle or DisplayStyleState, and ensures that Beta
EcefLocation The position and orientation of an iModel on the earth in ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) coordinates
ECJsNames Utility to format ECProperty names according to the iModel.js formatting rules.
ElectronRpcConfiguration RPC interface configuration for an Electron-based application. Beta
ElectronRpcManager Coordinates usage of RPC interfaces for an Electron-based application. Beta
ElectronRpcProtocol RPC interface protocol for an Electron-based application. Beta
ElectronRpcRequest Beta
Metadata for an Entity. Beta
Feature Describes a "feature" within a batched RenderGraphic.
FeatureTable Defines a look-up table for Features within a batched RenderGraphic. Beta
FontMap A FontMap holds the table of known fonts available in an iModel.
Frustum The region of physical (3d) space that appears in a view.
GeometryParams Describes the display properties of graphics in a persistent element's GeometryStream that aren't inherited from SubCategoryAppearance.
GeometryStreamBuilder GeometryStreamBuilder is a helper class for populating the GeometryStreamProps array needed to create a GeometricElement or GeometryPart.
GeometryStreamIterator GeometryStreamIterator is a helper class for iterating a GeometryStreamProps.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry Holds current state information for GeometryStreamIterator.
GraphicParams The "cooked" material and symbology for a RenderGraphic. Beta
GroundPlane A circle drawn at a Z elevation, whose diameter is the the XY diagonal of the project extents, used to represent the ground as a reference point within a spatial view.
HSLColor A color defined by Hue, Saturation, and Lightness.
HSVColor A color defined by Hue, Saturation, and Value
ImageBuffer Uncompressed rectangular bitmap image data.
ImageGraphic A geometric primitive that displays an image mapped to the corners of a quadrilateral, with an optional border. Beta
ImageGraphicCorners Defines the 4 corners of an ImageGraphic. Beta
ImageSource Image data encoded and compressed in either Jpeg or Png format.
IModel Represents an iModel in JavaScript.
IModelError The error type thrown by this module.
IModelNotFoundResponse Response if the IModelDb was not found at the backend
IModelReadRpcInterface The RPC interface for reading from an iModel.
IModelToken A token that identifies a specific instance of an iModel to be operated on
IModelVersion Option to specify the version of the iModel to be acquired and used
MobileRpcConfiguration Holds configuration for the RpcInterfaces used by the application. Beta
MobileRpcManager Coordinates usage of RPC interfaces for an Mobile-based application. Beta
MobileRpcProtocol RPC interface protocol for an Mobile-based application. Beta
MobileRpcRequest Beta
Placement2d The placement of a GeometricElement2d.
Placement3d The placement of a GeometricElement3d.
Metadata for a property. Beta
RelatedElement The Id and relationship class of an Element that is somehow related to another Element
RenderMaterial Represents a material which can be applied to a surface to control aspects of its appearance such as color, reflectivity, texture, and so on. Beta
RenderMaterial.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderMaterial
RenderTexture Represents a texture image applied to a surface during rendering. Beta
RenderTexture.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderTexture.
RgbColor An immutable representation of a color with red, green, and blue components each in the integer range [0, 255].
RpcConfiguration A RpcConfiguration specifies how calls on an RPC interface will be marshalled, plus other operating parameters.
RpcControlResponse An RPC operation control response.
RpcInterface An RPC interface is a set of operations exposed by a service that a client can call, using configurable protocols,
RpcInvocation An RPC operation invocation in response to a request.
RpcManager RPC interface management is concerned with coordination of access and configuration for RPC interfaces.
RpcNotFoundResponse A RPC operation response.
RpcOperation An RPC operation descriptor.
RpcOperationPolicy The policy for an RPC operation.
RpcPendingResponse A pending RPC operation response.
RpcProtocol An application protocol for an RPC interface.
RpcRequest A RPC operation request.
SnapshotIModelRpcInterface The RPC interface for working with snapshot iModels. Beta
SubCategoryAppearance Parameters that define the way geometry on a SubCategory appears.
SubCategoryOverride Overrides selected aspects of a SubCategoryAppearance in the context of a DisplayStyleState.
TextString A single line of text, all with the same font, styles (underline, bold, italic), and size.
TextureMapping Describes how to map a RenderTexture image onto a surface. Beta
TextureMapping.Params Parameters describing how a texture image is mapped to a surface.
TextureMapping.Trans2x3 A 2x3 matrix for mapping a texture image to a surface.
Tween A Tween for interpolating values of an object. Beta
Tweens A group of Tweens. Beta
TypeDefinition A RelatedElement relationship that describes the TypeDefinitionElement of an element.
ViewDetails Encapsulates access to optional view details stored in JSON properties. Beta
ViewDetails3d Encapsulates access to optional 3d view details stored in JSON properties. Beta
ViewFlags Flags for controlling how graphics appear within a View.
WebAppRpcProtocol The HTTP application protocol.
WebAppRpcRequest A web application RPC request.


Name Description
Easing Easing functions from tween.js Beta
Interpolation Interpolation functions from tween.js Beta
NpcCenter The center point of the Normalized Plane Coordinate cube.
NpcCorners The 8 corners of an Npc Frustum.


Name Description
BackgroundFill Describes how a view's background color affects the interior area of a closed region.
BackgroundMapType Describes the type of background map displayed by a DisplayStyle
BatchType Describes the type of a 'batch' of graphics representing multiple Features. Beta
BisCodeSpec Names of the internal BIS CodeSpecs.
ChangedValueState The enum represents the values for the ChangedValueState argument of the ECSQL function Changes.
ChangeOpCode Equivalent of the ECEnumeration OpCode in the ECDbChange ECSchema.
CloudStorageProvider Beta
ColorByName A set of known colors by name, as a 32-bit integer in the form 0xBBGGRR (red is the low byte).
CommonLoggerCategory Logger categories used by this package
ComparisonOption Enum capturing range-comparison options for from/to distanceAlong in QueryParams Beta
ECSqlSystemProperty Defines the ECSQL system properties.
ECSqlValueType Describes the different data types an ECSQL value can be of.
FillDisplay Whether a closed region should be drawn for wireframe display with its internal area filled or not.
FillFlags Flags indicating whether and how the interiors of closed planar regions is displayed within a view.
FontType The type of a font.
GeometryClass Categorizes a piece of geometry within a GeometryStream.
GeometryStreamFlags Flags applied to the entire contents of a GeometryStreamProps.
GridOrientationType Describes the orientation of the grid displayed within a viewport.
ImageBufferFormat Format of an ImageBuffer.
ImageSourceFormat The format of an ImageSource.
LinearlyReferencedLocationType Enum enabling LinearElement.queryLinearLocations performance optimization when the target Linearly-Located classes are all either At or FromTo. Beta
LinePixels Enumerates the available patterns for drawing patterned lines.
MassPropertiesOperation Specify whether to accumulate volumes, areas, or lengths for the supplied elements. Beta
Npc The 8 corners of the Normalized Plane Coordinate cube.
PrimitiveTypeCode The primitive types of an Entity property. Beta
QueryPriority Queue priority for query and its not guaranteed
QueryResponseStatus State of query operations
Rank The rank for a Category
RenderMode Enumerates the available rendering modes.
RenderTexture.Type Enumerates the types of RenderTextures.
RpcContentType RPC content types.
RpcEndpoint Endpoints for RPC protocols.
RpcMobilePlatform RPC supported mobile platforms. Beta
RpcProtocolEvent RPC protocol event types.
RpcRequestEvent RPC request event types.
RpcRequestStatus The status of an RPC operation request.
RpcResponseCacheControl Describes available options for RPC response caching.
SectionType An enumeration of the different types of sections.
SkyBoxImageType Enumerates the supported types of SkyBox images.
TextureFlags Beta
TextureMapping.Mode Enumerates the possible texture mapping modes.
TextureMapUnits Beta

Global Functions

Name Description
isPowerOfTwo Returns whether the input is a power of two.
nextHighestPowerOfTwo Returns the first power-of-two value greater than or equal to the input.


Name Description
AreaFillProps Add a AreaFillProps.gradient, AreaFillProps.backgroundFill, or solid AreaFillProps.color fill to subsequent planar regions (or meshes).
AuxCoordSystem2dProps Properties of AuxCoordSystem2d
AuxCoordSystem3dProps Properties of AuxCoordSystem3d
BackgroundMapProps JSON representation of the settings associated with a background map displayed by a DisplayStyle.
BentleyCloudRpcParams Initialization parameters for BentleyCloudRpcConfiguration.
CameraProps JSON representation of a Camera.
CategoryProps Parameters of a Category
CategorySelectorProps Properties that define a CategorySelector
CloudStorageContainerDescriptor Beta
CodeProps The wire format for a Code
ContextRealityModelProps JSON representation of a context reality model
CreateIModelProps The properties that can be supplied when creating a new iModel.
CustomAttribute A custom attribute instance Beta
DecorationGeometryProps Information required to request a snap to a pickable decoration from the front end to the back end. Beta
DefinitionElementProps Properties of a DefinitionElement
DisplayStyle3dProps JSON representation of a DisplayStyle3d or DisplayStyle3dState.
DisplayStyle3dSettingsProps JSON representation of settings associated with a DisplayStyle3dProps.
DisplayStyleProps JSON representation of a DisplayStyle or DisplayStyleState.
DisplayStyleSettingsProps JSON representation of the settings associated with a DisplayStyleProps.
DisplayStyleSubCategoryProps Describes the SubCategoryOverrides applied to a SubCategory by a DisplayStyle.
DistanceExpressionProps Properties of a DistanceExpression Beta
EcefLocationProps Properties that position an iModel on the earth via ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) coordinates
ElectronRpcParams Initialization parameters for ElectronRpcConfiguration. Beta
ElementAspectProps Properties of an ElementAspect
ElementLoadProps Parameters to specify what element to load for IModelDb.Elements.getElementProps.
ElementProps Properties of an Element
EntityMetaDataProps Beta
EntityProps The properties of an Entity as they are read/stored from/to the iModel.
EntityQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on Entity classes.
EnvironmentProps JSON representation of the environment setup of a DisplayStyle3d.
ExternalSourceAspectProps Properties of an ExternalSourceAspect that stores synchronization information for an element originating from an external source.
FontMapProps The properties of a FontMap
FontProps The properties of a Font.
GeoCoordinatesRequestProps Information required to request conversion of an array of iModel coordinates to Geographic Coordinates (longitude and latitude) Beta
GeoCoordinatesResponseProps Information returned from a request to convert an array of iModel coordinates to Geographic Coordinates (longitude and latitude) Beta
GeometricElement2dProps Properties that define a GeometricElement2d
GeometricElement3dProps Properties that define a GeometricElement3d
GeometricElementProps Properties of a GeometricElement
GeometricModel2dProps Properties that define a GeometricModel2d
GeometricModel3dProps Properties that define a GeometricModel3d
GeometricModelProps Properties that describe a GeometricModel
GeometryAppearanceProps Establish a non-default SubCategory or to override SubCategoryAppearance for the geometry that follows.
GeometryPartInstanceProps Add a reference to a GeometryPart from the GeometryStream of a GeometricElement.
GeometryPartProps Properties of a GeometryPart
GeometryStreamEntryProps Allowed GeometryStream entries - should only set one value.
GeometryStreamHeaderProps An entry in a GeometryStreamProps containing GeometryStreamFlags that apply to the geometry stream as a whole.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.BRepPrimitive Represents a BRep within a GeometryStream.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.GeometryPrimitive Represents one of a variety of GeometryQuery objects within a GeometryStream.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.ImagePrimitive Represents an image within a GeometryStream.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.PartReference Represents a reference to a GeometryPart within a GeometryStream.
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.TextStringPrimitive Represents a text string within a GeometryStream.
GroundPlaneProps JSON representation of a GroundPlane.
HttpServerRequest An HTTP server request object.
HttpServerResponse An HTTP server response object.
ILinearElementProps Properties of an ILinearElement Beta
ILinearlyLocatedAttributionProps Properties of an ILinearlyLocatedAttribution Beta
ImageGraphicProps JSON representation of an [[ImageGraphic]. Beta
IModelCoordinatesRequestProps Information required to request conversion of an array of Geographic coordinates (Longitude/Latitude) to iModel coordinates Beta
IModelCoordinatesResponseProps Beta
IModelProps Properties that are about an iModel.
IModelTokenProps The properties of IModelToken.
InformationPartitionElementProps Properties of a InformationPartitionElement
IReferentProps Properties of an IReferent Beta
LinearLocationReference Interface with data returned by LinearElement.queryLinearLocations API Beta
LinearlyLocatedAttributionProps Properties of a LinearlyLocatedAttribution Beta
LinearlyReferencedAtLocationAspectProps Properties of a LinearlyReferencedAtLocation Beta
LinearlyReferencedAtLocationProps Core properties of a LinearlyReferencedAtLocation Beta
LinearlyReferencedFromToLocationAspectProps Properties of a LinearlyReferencedFromToLocation Beta
LinearlyReferencedFromToLocationProps Core properties of a LinearlyReferencedFromToLocation Beta
LineStyleProps Properties of a LineStyle Beta
MassPropertiesRequestProps Information required to request mass properties for elements from the front end to the back end. Beta
MassPropertiesResponseProps Information returned from the back end to the front end holding the result of the mass properties calculation. Beta
MaterialProps Override SubCategoryAppearance.materialId for subsequent surface and solid geometry.
ModelProps Properties that define a Model
ModelQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on Model classes.
ModelSelectorProps Properties that define a ModelSelector
NavigationBindingValue An ECSQL Navigation value which can be bound to a navigation property ECSQL parameter
NavigationValue An ECSQL Navigation value.
OpenAPIInfo An OpenAPI 3.0 info object.
Placement2dProps Properties of a Placement2d
Placement3dProps Properties of a Placement3d
PointWithStatus Information returned from a request to convert an array of Geographic coordinates (Longitude/Latitude) to iModel coordinates Beta
PropertyMetaDataProps Beta
QueryLimit ECSql query subset specification
QueryParams Interface capturing various parameters for the execution of LinearElement.queryLinearLocations API Beta
QueryQuota The desired ECSql query quota constraint.
QueryResponse Result of a query.
ReferentElementProps Properties of a ReferentElement Beta
RelatedElementProps Properties of a NavigationProperty.
RenderMaterialProps Properties that define a RenderMaterial Beta
RootSubjectProps Properties of the Root Subject.
RpcInterfaceEndpoints Describes the endpoints of an RPC interface.
RpcOperationsProfile Runtime information related to the operation load of one or more RPC interfaces.
RpcRequestContext Interface to enable passing application-specific context with each RPC request.
SectionLocationProps Properties that define a SectionLocation Beta
SerializedRpcOperation A serialized RPC operation descriptor.
SerializedRpcRequest A serialized RPC operation request.
SheetBorderTemplateProps Properties of a SheetBorderTemplate Beta
SheetProps Properties of a Sheet Beta
SheetTemplateProps Properties of a SheetTemplate Beta
SkyBoxImageProps JSON representation of an image or images used by a SkySphere or SkyCube.
SkyBoxProps JSON representation of a SkyBox.
SkyCubeProps JSON representation of a set of images used by a SkyCube.
SnapRequestProps Information required to request a snap to an element from the front end to the back end. Beta
SnapResponseProps Information returned from the back end to the front end holding the result of a snap operation. Beta
SolarShadowProps JSON representation of a solar shadow settings. Beta
SpatialViewDefinitionProps Parameters to construct a SpatialViewDefinition
SubCategoryAppearance.Props Properties used to create a SubCategoryAppearance
SubCategoryProps Parameters of a SubCategory
SubjectProps Properties of a Subject
TextStringProps Properties for a TextString class.
TextureMapping.ParamProps Properties used to construct a TextureMapping.Params.
TextureMapProps Properties that define how a texture is mapped to a material Beta
TextureProps Properties that define a Texture Beta
TileContentIdentifier Beta
TypeDefinitionElementProps Properties of a TypeDefinitionElement
ViewAttachmentProps Properties for a ViewAttachment
ViewDefinition2dProps Parameters used to construct a ViewDefinition2d
ViewDefinition3dProps Parameters to construct a ViewDefinition3d
ViewDefinitionProps Parameters used to construct a ViewDefinition
ViewFlagProps JSON representation of ViewFlags
ViewQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on ViewDefinition classes.
ViewStateProps Returned from IModelDb.Views.getViewStateData


Name Description
AmbientOcclusion Namespace containing types controlling how ambient occlusion should be drawn. Beta
BRepEntity Beta
CloudStorageContainerUrl Beta
CodeScopeSpec The scope of the Code.
Gradient Beta
HiddenLine Namespace containing types controlling how edges and surfaces should be drawn in "hidden line" and "solid fill" RenderModes. Beta
Hilite Contains types related to display of hilited elements within a Viewport.
RenderSchedule A schedule (or script) for controlling the visibility, position and symbology of a series of elements over a period of time. Beta
SolarShadows Namespace containing types controlling how solar shadows should be drawn. Beta
SpatialClassificationProps Geometry may be classified by its spatial location. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description
AxisAlignedBox3d A Range3d that is aligned with the axes of spatial coordinates.
AxisAlignedBox3dProps The properties of a Range3d.
BackgroundMapProviderName The current set of supported background map providers. Beta
CodeScopeProps The props that hold the identity of the object defining the uniqueness scope for a set of Code values.
ColorDefProps A number in 0xTTBBGGRR format
DPoint2dProps Contains two array entries orders X, Y containing doubles Beta
EasingFunction Beta
ElementAlignedBox2d A bounding box aligned to the orientation of a 2d Element
ElementAlignedBox3d A bounding box aligned to the orientation of a 3d Element
GeometryStreamIteratorEntry.Primitive Union of all possible geometric primitive types that may appear within a GeometryStream.
GeometryStreamProps A GeometricElement's GeometryStream is represented by an array of GeometryStreamEntryProps.
ImageGraphicCornersProps JSON representation of the 4 corners of an ImageGraphicProps. Beta
InterpolationFunction Beta
LocalAlignedBox3d A bounding box aligned to a local coordinate system
MobileRpcChunks Beta
PropertyCallback A callback function to process properties of an Entity Beta
RgbColorProps JSON representation of an RgbColor
RgbFactorProps Contains three array entries ordered as red, green, blue containing values 0 to 1 Beta
RpcInvocationCallback_T Notification callback for an RPC invocation.
RpcProtocolEventHandler Handles RPC protocol events.
RpcRequestCallback_T Notification callback for an RPC request.
RpcRequestEventHandler Handles RPC request events.
RpcRequestInitialRetryIntervalSupplier_T Supplies the initial retry interval for an RPC request.
RpcRequestNotFoundHandler Resolves "not found" responses for RPC requests.
RpcRequestTokenSupplier_T Supplies an IModelTokenProps for an RPC request.
RpcResponseCachingCallback_T Determines if caching is permitted for a RPC response.
TweenCallback Beta
UpdateCallback Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020