Types related to presentation content.


Name Description  
Content A data structure that contains the Descriptor and a list of Item  
Descriptor Data structure that describes content: fields, sorting, filtering, format, etc.  
Field Describes a single content field.  
Item A data structure that represents a single content record.  
NestedContentField Describes a content field that contains Nested content.  
PropertiesField Describes a content field that's based on one or more similar  


Name Description  
ContentFlags Flags that control content format.  
DefaultContentDisplayTypes Displayed content types.  
PropertyValueFormat Format of the property value.  
SortDirection Data sorting direction  


Name Description  
ArrayTypeDescription Type description for array properties.  
BaseTypeDescription Data structure for base content field type description.  
CategoryDescription A data structure that describes a Field category.  
DescriptorOverrides Descriptor overrides that can be used to customize  
DescriptorSource Descriptor properties  
DisplayValuesArray An array of display values  
DisplayValuesMap A map of display values  
EditorDescription A data structure which describes property editor used  
PrimitiveTypeDescription Type description for primitive properties.  
PropertyAccessor Data structure that describes one step of property  
SelectClassInfo Data structure that describes an ECClass in content Descriptor.  
SelectionInfo Data structure that contains selection information.  
StructFieldMemberDescription A data structure that describes a struct member.  
StructTypeDescription Type description for struct properties.  
ValuesArray An array of raw values  
ValuesMap A map of raw values  


Name Description  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
PropertyAccessorPath Describes path to a property.  
TypeDescription One of content field type descriptions.  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020