Classes for working with property records and descriptions.


Name Description  
AngleDescription Angle Property Description Beta
BaseQuantityDescription Base Quantity Property Description Beta
EngineeringLengthDescription Engineering Length Property Description Beta
LengthDescription Length Property Description Beta
PropertyRecord PropertyRecord contains instance information about a Property, including a Beta
SurveyLengthDescription Survey Length Property Description Beta
ToolSettingsPropertyItem Class used to identify a specific ToolSettings property value. Beta
ToolSettingsPropertyRecord Property Record to specify an editor in Tool Settings zone. Beta
ToolSettingsPropertySyncItem Class used to identify a specific ToolSettings property value that can be enabled/disabled in UI. Beta
ToolSettingsValue Primitive ToolSettings Value. Beta


Name Description  
PropertyEditorParamTypes Enum for Property Editor Param Types Beta
PropertyValueFormat Enumeration for Format of the property value. Beta


Name Description  
ArrayValue Array property value Beta
BasePropertyEditorParams Base interface for Property Editor Params Beta
BasePropertyValue Base interface for a property value Beta
ButtonGroupEditorParams Parameters used by EnumButtonGroupEditor to define icons in button group. Beta
ColorEditorParams Parameters used to populate color type editor with a specific set of colors. Beta
CustomFormattedNumberParams Parameters used with properties that want to control parsing and formatting. Beta
EditorPosition Interface used to identify the location of the UI control to manipulate a ToolSettings property value. Beta
EnumerationChoice Information about an enumeration choice Beta
EnumerationChoicesInfo Information about a set of enumeration choices Beta
IconDefinition Information about an icon displayed next to a property editor. Beta
IconEditorParams Parameters used to display an icon next to property editor. Beta
IconListEditorParams Parameters used to populate icon type editor with a specific set of icons. Beta
InputEditorSizeParams Parameters used by PropertyEditors that use HTML element. Beta
LinkElementsInfo Properties for the PropertyRecord with link info supplied Beta
ParseResults defines Results of parsing a string input by a user into its desired value type Beta
PrimitiveValue Primitive property value Beta
PropertyDescription PropertyDescription contains metadata about a Property Beta
PropertyEditorInfo Information about a Property Editor Beta
StructValue Struct property value Beta
SuppressLabelEditorParams Parameters used to suppress the label for a type editor in the ToolSettings widget. Beta


Name Description  
Primitives Primitive Property Value Types. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
PropertyEditorParams Type definition for Property Editor params Beta
PropertyValue Type for all property values Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020