Classes for working with iModels. See the learning article.


Name Description  
AutoPush Use AutoPush to automatically push local changes to a specified IModel. Beta
BackendActivityMonitor An implementation of AppActivityMonitor that should be suitable for most backends. Beta
BriefcaseId The Id assigned to a briefcase by iModelHub, or one of the special values that identify special kinds of iModels  
ChangeSummaryExtractContext Beta
ChangeSummaryManager Class to extract Change Summaries for a briefcase. Beta
ConcurrencyControl ConcurrencyControl enables an app to coordinate local changes with changes that are being made by others to an iModel. Beta
ConcurrencyControl.Codes Code manager  
ConcurrencyControl.ConflictResolutionPolicy The options for how conflicts are to be handled during change-merging in an OptimisticConcurrencyControlPolicy.  
ConcurrencyControl.OptimisticPolicy Specifies an optimistic concurrency policy.  
ConcurrencyControl.PessimisticPolicy Specifies a pessimistic concurrency policy.  
ConcurrencyControl.Request A request for locks and/or code reservations.  
IModelCloneContext The context for transforming a source Element to a target Element and remapping internal identifiers to the target iModel. Beta
IModelDb An iModel database file.  
IModelDb.Elements The collection of elements in an IModelDb.  
IModelDb.Models The collection of models in an IModelDb.  
IModelDb.Views The collection of views in an IModelDb.  
IModelExporter Base class for exporting data from an iModel. Beta
IModelExportHandler Handles the events generated by IModelExporter. Beta
IModelImporter Base class for importing data into an iModel. Beta
IModelTransformer Base class used to transform a source iModel into a different target iModel. Beta
OpenParams Parameters to open an IModelDb  
TxnManager Local Txns in an IModelDb. Beta


Name Description  
AutoPushEventType Identifies an AutoPush event. Beta
AutoPushState Identifies the current state of an AutoPush object. Beta
ConcurrencyControl.OnConflict How to handle a conflict.  
KeepBriefcase Option to keep briefcase when the imodel is closed  
SyncMode Operations allowed when synchronizing changes between the IModelDb and the iModel Hub  


Name Description  
AppActivityMonitor Monitors backend activity. Beta
AutoPushParams Configuration for AutoPush. Beta
ChangeSummary Represents an instance of the ChangeSummary ECClass from the ECDbChange ECSchema Beta
ChangeSummaryExtractOptions Options for ChangeSummaryManager.extractChangeSummaries. Beta
ConcurrencyControl.LockProps The properties of an iModel server lock. Beta
ExportGraphicsInfo Info provided to ExportGraphicsFunction about graphics.  
ExportGraphicsLines A collection of line segments, suitable for direct use with graphics APIs.  
ExportGraphicsMesh A triangulated mesh with unified indices, suitable for direct use with graphics APIs.  
ExportGraphicsOptions Parameters for IModelDb.exportGraphics  
ExportLinesInfo Info provided to ExportLinesFunction about linework graphics.  
ExportPartDisplayInfo Information about the base display properties when a GeometryPart was  
ExportPartGraphicsOptions Parameters for IModelDb.exportPartGraphics  
ExportPartInfo Info provided to ExportPartFunction about graphics.  
ExportPartInstanceInfo Information about references to GeometryPart elements found during  
ExportPartLinesInfo Info provided to ExportPartFunction about line graphics.  
IModelImportOptions Options provided to the IModelImporter constructor. Beta
IModelTransformOptions Options provided to the IModelTransformer constructor. Beta
InstanceChange Represents an instance of the InstanceChange ECClass from the ECDbChange ECSchema Beta
UpdateModelOptions Options for IModelDb.Models.updateModel  
ValidationError An error generated during dependency validation. Beta


Name Description  
ExportGraphics Provides utility functions for working with data generated by IModelDb.exportGraphics  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AutoPushEventHandler The signature of an AutoPush event handler. Beta
ChangeSetDescriber The signature of a function that can supply a description of local Txns in the specified briefcase up to and including the specified endTxnId.  
ExportGraphicsFunction A callback function that receives generated graphics.  
ExportGraphicsProps Deprecated
ExportLinesFunction A callback function that receives generated line graphics.  
ExportPartDisplayProps Deprecated
ExportPartFunction A callback function that receives generated graphics for a GeometryPart.  
ExportPartGraphicsProps Deprecated
ExportPartInstanceProps Deprecated
ExportPartLinesFunction A callback function that receives generated line graphics for a GeometryPart.  
TxnIdString A string that identifies a Txn.  

Last Updated: 13 June, 2024