Classes for working with elements that define what appears in views. See the learning articles.


Name Description  
AuxCoordSystem An auxiliary coordinate system element.  
AuxCoordSystem2d A 2d auxiliary coordinate system.  
AuxCoordSystem3d A 3d auxiliary coordinate system.  
AuxCoordSystemSpatial A spatial auxiliary coordinate system.  
CategorySelector Holds a list of Ids of Categories to be displayed in a view.  
DisplayStyle A DisplayStyle defines the parameters for 'styling' the contents of a view.  
DisplayStyle2d A DisplayStyle for 2d views.  
DisplayStyle3d A DisplayStyle for 3d views.  
DrawingViewDefinition Defines a view of a DrawingModel.  
ModelSelector Holds the list of Ids of GeometricModels displayed by a SpatialViewDefinition.  
OrthographicViewDefinition Defines a spatial view that displays geometry on the image plane using a parallel orthographic projection.  
SheetViewDefinition Defines a view of a SheetModel.  
SpatialViewDefinition Defines a view of one or more SpatialModels.  
ViewAttachment Represents an attachment of a ViewDefinition to a Sheet.  
ViewDefinition The definition element for a view.  
ViewDefinition2d Defines a view of a single 2d model.  
ViewDefinition3d Defines a view of one or more 3d models.  


Name Description  
DisplayStyleCreationOptions Creation options for display styles  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020