Various utility classes for working with a UI.


Name Description  
Timer Notifies handler after a set interval.  
UiCore Entry point for static initialization required by various  
UiEvent iModel.js UI UiEvent class is a subclass of BeEvent with argument type safety.  


Name Description  
UiError iModel.js UI UiError class is a subclass of BentleyError. Deprecated

Global Functions

Name Description  
useDisposable Custom hooks which creates disposable and manages it's disposal. Beta


Name Description  
ClassNameProps Props used by components that expect class name to be passed in.  
CommonDivProps Common properties using a div element  
CommonProps Common props used by components.  
NoChildrenProps Props used by components that do not expect children to be passed in. Beta
PointProps Describes 2d points. Beta
RectangleProps Describes 2d bounds. Beta
SizeProps Describes 2d dimensions. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ExecuteHandler Signature for Timer execute callback.  
Omit Used to omit properties in a given interface  
OmitChildrenProp Omit children property from T. Beta

Last Updated: 13 June, 2024