Classes for working with Tools


Name Description  
BeButtonEvent Object sent to Tools that holds information about button/touch/wheel events.  
BeTouchEvent A ButtonEvent generated by touch input.  
BeWheelEvent A BeButtonEvent generated by movement of a mouse wheel.  
EventController An EventController maps user input events from a Viewport to the ToolAdmin so that tools can process them.  
FitViewTool A tool that performs a fit view  
FlyViewTool A tool that performs the fly operation  
FuzzySearchResults This class is used to return the results of  
IdleTool The default "idle" tool.  
InputCollector The InputCollector class can be used to implement a command for gathering input (ex.  
InteractiveTool A Tool that may be installed, via ToolAdmin, to handle user input.  
LookAndMoveTool A tool that performs the walk operation using mouse+keyboard or touch controls Beta
LookViewTool A tool that performs the look operation  
PanViewTool The tool that performs a Pan view operation  
PluginTool An Immediate Tool that starts the process of loading an iModelJs plugin.  
PrimitiveTool The PrimitiveTool class can be used to implement tools to create or modify geometric elements.  
RotateViewTool A tool that performs a Rotate view operation  
ScrollViewTool A tool that performs the scroll operation  
StandardViewTool A tool that rotates the view to one of the standard views.  
Tool A Tool that performs an action.  
ToolAdmin Controls operation of Tools.  
ToolAssistance Tool Assistance helper methods. Beta
ToolRegistry The ToolRegistry holds a mapping between toolIds and their corresponding Tool class.  
ToolSettings Settings that control the behavior of built-in tools.  
ViewManip Base class for tools that manipulate the frustum of a Viewport.  
ViewRedoTool A tool that performs view redo operation.  
ViewToggleCameraTool A tool that toggles the camera on/off in a spatial view  
ViewTool An InteractiveTool that manipulates a view.  
ViewUndoTool A tool that performs view undo operation.  
WalkViewTool A tool that performs the walk operation  
WindowAreaTool A tool that performs a Window-area view operation  
ZoomViewTool A tool that performs the zoom operation  


Name Description  
BeModifierKeys Numeric mask for a set of modifier keys (control, shift, and alt).  
CoordSource The source that generated a coordinate.  
InputSource The source that generated an event.  
ToolAssistanceImage Tool Assistance known images Beta
ToolAssistanceInputMethod Input Method for Tool Assistance instruction Beta


Name Description  
BeButtonEventProps Properties for constructing a BeButtonEvent  
BeTouchEventProps Properties for initializing a BeTouchEvent  
BeWheelEventProps Properties for constructing a BeWheelEvent  
FuzzySearchResult Interface implemented by objects returned while iterating through FuzzySearchResults  
ToolAssistanceInstruction Interface used to describe a Tool Assistance instruction. Beta
ToolAssistanceInstructions Interface used to describe Tool Assistance for a tool's state. Beta
ToolAssistanceKeyboardInfo Tool Assistance image keyboard keys Beta
ToolAssistanceSection Interface used to describe a Tool Assistance section with a label and a set of instructions. Beta


Name Description  
EditManipulator A manipulator maintains a set of controls used to modify element(s) or pickable decorations.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020