Classes for working with a Table.


Name Description  
ColumnDragLayer React component used to portray a column being dragged during Table column reordering.  
SimpleTableDataProvider A Table Data Provider using an array of items. Beta
Table Table React component  
TableCell A React component that renders a table cell  
TableCellContent A React component that renders table cell content  
TableDataChangeEvent An event broadcasted on table data changes  
TableIconCellContent A React component that renders table cell content as a Bentley icon  


Name Description  
TableSelectionTarget Specifies table selection target.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
withTableDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied table component. Beta


Name Description  
CellItem Cell definition provided to Table.  
CellProps Properties for a Table cell  
ColumnDescription Column definition provided to Table.  
MutableTableDataProvider MutableTableDataProvider provides mutation methods for data in the Table. Beta
ReactDataGridColumn ReactDataGrid.Column with additional properties  
RowItem Row definition provided to Table.  
RowProps Properties for a Table row  
TableCellContentProps Properties of the TableCellContent React component  
TableCellContextMenuArgs Arguments for TableProps.onCellContextMenu callback Beta
TableCellEditorState Cell/Property Editor state  
TableCellProps Properties of the TableCell React component  
TableCellUpdatedArgs Cell/Property Updated Args  
TableDataProvider TableDataProvider provides data to the Table.  
TableDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
TableDropTargetProps Properties for the Table's DropTarget. Beta
TableIconCellContentProps Properties for the TableIconCellContent React component  
TableProps Properties for the Table React component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
HorizontalAlignment Type for Horizontal Alignment  
TableDataChangesListener An interface table data change listeners  
TableDragDropType Type for DragDrop drag item Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020