Classes for working with a Backstage


Name Description  
Backstage Backstage React component.  
BackstageEvent Backstage Event class.  
BackstageItemUtilities Utilities for creating and maintaining backstage items Beta
BackstageManager Controls backstage. Beta
CommandLaunchBackstageItem Backstage item that launches a Command  
FrontstageLaunchBackstageItem Backstage item that activates a Frontstage  
SeparatorBackstageItem Separator Backstage item.  
TaskLaunchBackstageItem Backstage item that activates a Task  
UserProfileBackstageItem User Profile Backstage React component.  


Name Description  
BackstageItemType Used to specify the item type added to the backstage menu. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
BackstageComposer Backstage component composed from BackstageManager items. Beta
BackstageComposerItem Item of BackstageComposer. Beta
getBackstageItemStateFromProps Helper method to set backstage item state from props. Deprecated
useBackstageManager Hook that returns backstage manager. Beta
useIsBackstageOpen Hook that returns isOpen flag of the backstage. Beta


Name Description  
BackstageActionItem Describes the data needed to insert an action button into the backstage menu. Beta
BackstageComposerItemProps Props of BackstageComposerItem component. Beta
BackstageComposerProps Props of BackstageComposer component. Beta
BackstageEventArgs BackstageEvent arguments.  
BackstageItemProps Base properties for a Backstage item. Deprecated
BackstageItemState Properties that define the state of a Backstage items. Deprecated
BackstageProps Properties for the Backstage React component.  
BackstageStageLauncher Describes the data needed to insert an action button into the backstage menu. Beta
BackstageToggledArgs Arguments of BackstageManager.onToggled. Beta
CommandLaunchBackstageItemProps Properties for a CommandLaunchBackstageItem component  
FrontstageLaunchBackstageItemProps Properties for a FrontstageLaunchBackstageItem component  
TaskLaunchBackstageItemProps Properties for a TaskLaunchBackstageItem component  
UserProfileBackstageItemProps Properties for the Backstage React component.  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020