Types related to Tree component in @bentley/ui-components package.


Name Description  
PresentationTreeDataProvider Presentation Rules-driven tree data provider.  
UnifiedSelectionTreeEventHandler Tree event handler that handles unified selection. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
controlledTreeWithFilteringSupport A HOC component that adds filtering functionality to the supplied Beta
controlledTreeWithVisibleNodes A HOC component that injects visible nodes into supplied tree component. Beta
treeWithFilteringSupport A HOC component that adds filtering functionality to the supplied  
treeWithUnifiedSelection A HOC component that adds unified selection functionality to the supplied  
useControlledTreeFiltering A custom hook that creates filtered model source and node loader for supplied filter. Beta
usePresentationNodeLoader Custom hooks which creates PagedTreeNodeLoader with PresentationTreeDataProvider using Beta
useUnifiedSelectionEventHandler Hooks which creates and disposes UnifiedSelectionTreeEventHandler Beta


Name Description  
ControlledTreeWithFilteringSupportProps Props that are injected to the ControlledTreeWithFilteringSupport HOC component. Beta
ControlledTreeWithVisibleNodesProps Props that are injected to the ControlledTreeWithModelSource HOC component. Beta
IPresentationTreeDataProvider Presentation tree data provider.  
PresentationNodeLoaderProps Properties for usePresentationNodeLoader hook. Beta
TreeWithFilteringSupportProps Props that are injected to the TreeWithFilteringSupport HOC component.  
TreeWithUnifiedSelectionProps Props that are injected to the TreeWithUnifiedSelection HOC component.  
UnifiedSelectionTreeEventHandlerParams Data structure that describes parameters for UnifiedSelectionTreeEventHandler Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020