Common types used all across Presentation packages.


Name Description  
KeySet A class that holds multiple KeySet.Key objects.  
PresentationError An error type thrown by Presentation APIs.  
RegisteredRuleset A ruleset that is registered in a ruleset manager.  
RulesetsFactory A factory class that can be used to create presentation rulesets targeted towards  


Name Description  
LoggingNamespaces Enum of logging namespaces used by Presentation library.  
PresentationStatus Status codes used by Presentation APIs.  
RequestPriority Enumeration of standard request priorities. Beta
VariableValueTypes Possible variable value types Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
getInstancesCount Get total number of instances included in the supplied key set.  


Name Description  
ContentRequestOptions Request type for content requests  
EnumerationChoice A single choice in enumeration  
EnumerationInfo Enumeration information  
HierarchyRequestOptions Request type for hierarchy requests  
InstanceKeyJSON A serialized version of InstanceKeyJSON.InstanceKey  
KeySetJSON A data structure of serialized KeySet  
KindOfQuantityInfo Kind of quantity information  
LabelRequestOptions Request type for label requests  
PageOptions Paging options  
PersistentKeysContainer Persistent data structure that holds identity information  
RequestOptions A generic request options type used for both hierarchy and content requests  
RequestOptionsWithRuleset Options for requests that require presentation ruleset.  
RulesetVariable Data structure for representing ruleset variable. Beta
SelectionScopeRequestOptions Request options used for selection scope related requests  
ValuesDictionary A dictionary data structure.  


Name Description  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ClassId Type of an ECClass ID.  
ComputeDisplayValueCallback Definition of a function for calculating a display value.  
InstanceId Type of an ECInstance ID.  
Keys A type for multiple keys that identify something in iModel.js application  
Omit Create a type with T properties excluding properties listed in K.  
Paged A wrapper type that injects PageOptions into supplied type  
Subtract Create a type with T properties excluding all properties in type K.  
VariableValue Union of all supported variable value types Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020