Name Description
AnimationIntervalTool Changes the IModelApp.animationInterval. Beta
ApplyViewTool Given a string containing a JSON representation of a ViewState, applies that ViewState to the active viewport. Beta
ChangeEmphasisSettingsTool Changes the selected viewport's emphasis settings. Beta
ChangeHiliteSettingsTool Changes the selected viewport's hilite settings, or resets to defaults. Beta
ChangeHiliteTool Changes the selected viewport's hilite or emphasis settings. Beta
ChangeUnitsTool Controls whether quantities are formatted using imperial or metric units. Beta
ChangeViewFlagsTool Modifies the selected viewport's ViewFlags. Beta
ClearIsolatedElementsTool Clear the set of isolated elements. Beta
CompileShadersTool Compiles all registered shader programs for which compilation has not already been attempted. Beta
DiagnosticsPanel Consolidates many other widgets into a single panel. Beta
DisplayStyleTool Modifies the selected viewport's DisplayStyleState. Beta
EmphasizeElementsTool Applies the EmphasizeElements API in some way to the selected Viewport. Beta
EmphasizeSelectedElementsTool If any elements are selected, emphasize them all by overriding their color to be orange; and de-emphasize all other elements by drawing them transparent grey. Beta
FadeOutTool Enables or disables fade-out transparency mode for the selected viewport. Beta
FpsTracker Displays average frames-per-second. Beta
FreezeSceneTool Freeze or unfreeze the scene for the selected viewport. Beta
FrontendDevTools Entry-point for the package. Beta
FrustumDecorator Decorates the viewport with a graphical depiction of a Frustum. Beta
IsolateSelectedElementsTool Isolate all selected elements so that only those elements will be drawn. Beta
KeyinField A textbox allowing input of key-ins (localized tool names) combined with a drop-down that lists all registered key-ins, filtered by substring match on the current input. Beta
LoseWebGLContextTool Forces webgl context loss. Beta
MemoryTracker Displays GPU memory allocated to tile trees - either all tile trees in the system, or only those associated with a specific Viewport. Beta
ProjectExtentsDecoration Beta
RenderSystemDebugControlTool Executes some code against a RenderSystemDebugControl obtained from the IModelApp's RenderSystem. Beta
RenderTargetDebugControlTool Executes some code against a RenderTargetDebugControl obtained from the selected viewport. Beta
ReportWebGLCompatibilityTool Queries the client's level of compatibility with the rendering system and outputs it to NotificationManager. Beta
SaveViewTool Copies a JSON representation of the active viewport's view to the clipboard. Beta
SelectElementsByIdTool Replaces the contents of the selection set with the set of element Ids specified. Beta
ShowTileVolumesTool Set the tile bounding volume decorations to display in the selected viewport. Beta
TileStatisticsTracker Outputs statistics related to tile requests including the current number of active, pending, selected, and ready tile requests; as well as cumulative statistics for the session including the number of failed, timed-out, empty, and elided tile requests. Beta
ToggleFrustumSnapshotTool Enable ("ON"), disable ("OFF"), or toggle ("TOGGLE" or omitted) the FrustumDecorator. Beta
TogglePrimitiveVisibilityTool Control whether all geometry renders, or only instanced or batched geometry. Beta
ToggleProjectExtentsTool Enable or disable project extents decoration. Beta
ToggleReadPixelsTool Toggles between normal rendering and rendering as if drawing to an off-screen framebuffer for element locate. Beta
ToggleSelectedViewFrustumTool Enable ("ON"), disable ("OFF"), or toggle ("TOGGLE" or omitted) the selected view frustum decoration. Beta
ToggleShadowFrustumTool Toggle visualization of the selected viewport's shadow frustum in all other viewports. Beta
ToggleSkyboxTool Toggles the skybox. Beta
ToggleTileRequestDecorationTool Display in every viewport a range graphic for every tile currently being requested for the viewport that was initially selected when the decorator was installed. Beta
ToggleTileTreeBoundsDecorationTool Display in every viewport a green range graphic for each displayed tile tree, plus a red range graphic for each tile tree's content range if defined. Beta
ToggleToolTipsTool Replaces the default tooltips displayed when mousing over elements to instead display information useful for debugging, including Beta
ToggleWiremeshTool Toggles pseudo-wiremesh surface display, for better visualization of mesh faces. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description
copyStringToClipboard Copy the input string to the system clipboard. Beta
deserializeViewState Instantiate a ViewState serialized by [serializeViewState]. Beta
parseToggle Parses a string case-insensitively returning true for "ON", false for "OFF" undefined for "TOGGLE" or undefined, and the input string for anything else Beta
serializeViewState Serialize a ViewState to JSON. Beta
toggleProjectExtents Enable or disable the project extents decoration. Beta


Name Description
DiagnosticsPanelProps Options for configuring a DiagnosticsPanel. Beta
KeyinFieldProps Properties controlling how a KeyinField is created. Beta
TextBox Wraps an HTML text input field. Beta

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020