Classes for working with stage panels


Name Description  
NestedStagePanelsManager Class used to manage NestedStagePanelsManagerProps. Beta
Splitter Splitter component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
StagePanel Stage panel used in StagePanels component. Beta
StagePanelManager Class used to manage StagePanelManagerProps. Beta
StagePanels Stage panels component of 9-Zone UI app. Beta
StagePanelsManager Class used to manage StagePanelsManagerProps. Beta


Name Description  
StagePanelType Describes available stage panel types. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
getDefaultStagePanelManagerProps Returns default StagePanelManagerProps object. Beta
getDefaultStagePanelsManagerProps Returns default StagePanelsManagerProps object. Beta


Name Description  
NestedStagePanelKey Key used to identify stage panel in NestedStagePanelsManagerProps. Beta
NestedStagePanelsManagerProps Properties used by NestedStagePanelsManager. Beta
SplitterProps Properties of Splitter component. Beta
StagePanelManagerProps Properties used by StagePanelManager. Beta
StagePanelProps Properties of StagePanel component. Beta
StagePanelsManagerProps Properties used to manage stage panels. Beta
StagePanelsProps Properties of StagePanels component. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
NestedStagePanelsId Used to identify stage panels in NestedStagePanelsManagerProps. Beta

Last Updated: 23 April, 2020