Classes for working with a dialog


Name Description  
DialogChangedEvent Dialog Changed Event class.  
ModalDialogChangedEvent Modal Dialog Changed Event class.  
ModalDialogManager Modal Dialog Manager class.  
ModalDialogRenderer ModalDialogRenderer React component.  
ModelessDialog Modeless Dialog React component  
ModelessDialogChangedEvent Modeless Dialog Changed Event class.  
ModelessDialogManager Modeless Dialog Manager class.  
ModelessDialogRenderer ModelessDialogRenderer React component.  
StandardMessageBox StandardMessageBox React component displays a standard icon, message text and a standard button set in the lower right.  


Name Description  
DialogChangedEventArgs Dialog Stack Changed Event Args class.  
DialogInfo Information maintained by a Dialog Manager about a dialog  
ModelessDialogProps Properties for the ModelessDialog component  
StandardMessageBoxProps Properties for StandardMessageBox React component  

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020