The Topology classes provide adjacency structures used in triangulations.


Name Description  
HalfEdgeMaskValidation static methods to inspect mask consistency properties in HalfEdgeGraph.  
HalfEdgePointerInspector HalfEdgePointerInspector has methods to check HalfEdge objects for pointer errors.  
HalfEdgePositionDetail Description of a generalized position within a graph, categorized as:  
InsertAndRetriangulateContext Context for repeated insertion of new points in a graph.  
SignedDataSummary Class to accumulate statistics about a stream of signed numbers with tag items.  
Triangulator (static) methods for triangulating polygons  
XYParitySearchContext * XYParitySearchContext is an internal class for callers that can feed points (without extracting to array structures)  


Name Description  
HalfEdgeTopo Enumeration of categorization of "where" a HalfEdgePositionDetail is sitting in the graph.  


Name Description  
ChainMergeContextOptions interface containing various options appropriate to merging lines segments into chains.  
HalfEdgeTestObject Interface for an object that executes boolean tests on edges.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
LineStringDataVariant type for use as signature for xyz data of a single linestring appearing in a parameter list.  
MultiLineStringDataVariant type for use as signature for multiple xyz data of multiple linestrings appearing in a parameter list.  

Last Updated: 23 April, 2020