HitDetail Class

A HitDetail stores the result when locating geometry displayed in a view. It holds an approximate location on an element (or decoration) from a pick.

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Name Description
constructor(testPoint: Point3d, viewport: ScreenViewport, hitSource: HitSource, hitPoint: Point3d, sourceId: string, priority: HitPriority, distXY: number, distFraction: number, subCategoryId?: string, geometryClass?: GeometryClass, modelId?: string, iModel?: IModelConnection, tileId?: string, isClassifier?: false | true): HitDetail Create a new HitDetail from the inputs to and results of a locate operation.  
clone(): HitDetail Create a deep copy of this HitDetail  
draw(_context: DecorateContext): void Draw this HitDetail as a Decoration.  
getHitType(): HitDetailType Get the type of HitDetail.  
getPoint(): Point3d Get the hit point for this HitDetail.  
getToolTip(): Promise<HTMLElement | string> Get the tooltip content for this HitDetail.  
isSameHit(otherHit?: HitDetail): boolean Determine if this HitPoint is from the same source as another HitDetail.  


Name Type Description
distFraction ConstructorProperty number The near plane distance fraction to hit.  
distXY ConstructorProperty number The xy distance to hit in view coordinates.  
geometryClass ConstructorProperty undefined | GeometryClass The GeometryClass for a persistent element hit.  
hitPoint ConstructorProperty Point3d The approximate world coordinate location on the geometry identified by this HitDetail.  
hitSource ConstructorProperty HitSource The procedure that requested the locate operation.  
isElementHit Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return whether sourceId is for a persistent element and not a pickable decoration.  
isModelHit Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
modelId ConstructorProperty undefined | string Optionally the Id of the ModelState from which the hit originated.  
priority ConstructorProperty HitPriority The hit geometry priority/classification.  
sourceId ConstructorProperty string The source of the geometry, either a persistent element id or pickable decoration id.  
subCategoryId ConstructorProperty undefined | string The SubCategory for a persistent element hit.  
testPoint ConstructorProperty Point3d The world coordinate space point that was used as the locate point.  
viewport ConstructorProperty ScreenViewport The view the locate operation was performed in.  

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Last Updated: 23 April, 2020