ViewState2d Class

Defines the state of a view of a single 2d model.


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Name Description
constructor(props: ViewDefinition2dProps, iModel: IModelConnection, categories: CategorySelectorState, displayStyle: DisplayStyle2dState): ViewState2d    
allow3dManipulations(): boolean    
computeFitRange(): Range3d    
createAuxCoordSystem(acsName: string): AuxCoordSystemState    
forEachModel(func: (model: GeometricModelState) => void): void    
getExtents(): Vector3d    
getOrigin(): Point3d    
getRotation(): Matrix3d    
getViewedExtents(): AxisAlignedBox3d    
getViewedModel(): GeometricModel2dState | undefined Return the model for this 2d view.  
load(): Promise<void>    
onRenderFrame(_viewport: Viewport): void    
setExtents(delta: XAndY): void    
setOrigin(origin: XAndY): void    
setRotation(rot: Matrix3d): void    
toJSON(): ViewDefinition2dProps    
viewsModel(modelId: Id64String): boolean    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
calculateFocusCorners(): Point3d[] ViewState  
calculateFrustum(result?: Frustum): Frustum | undefined ViewState Calculate the world coordinate Frustum from the parameters of this ViewState.
clone(iModel?: IModelConnection): this EntityState Make an independent copy of this EntityState
equals(other: this): boolean ViewState Determine whether this ViewState exactly matches another.
getAspectRatio(): number ViewState Get the aspect ratio (width/height) of this view
getAspectRatioSkew(): number ViewState Get the aspect ratio skew (x/y, usually 1.0) that is used to exaggerate the y axis of the view.
getAuxiliaryCoordinateSystemId(): Id64String ViewState Get the Id of the auxiliary coordinate system for this ViewState
getCenter(result?: Primitives.Point3d): Point3d ViewState Get the point at the geometric center of the view.
getDetails(): any ViewState  
getGridOrientation(): GridOrientationType ViewState Get the grid settings for this view
getGridSettings(vp: Viewport, origin: Point3d, rMatrix: Matrix3d, orientation: GridOrientationType): void ViewState Populate the given origin and rotation with information from the grid settings from the grid orientation.
getGridSpacing(): XAndY ViewState  
getGridsPerRef(): number ViewState  
getSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): SubCategoryOverride | undefined ViewState Query the symbology overrides applied to geometry belonging to a specific subcategory when rendered using this ViewState.
getTargetPoint(result?: Primitives.Point3d): Point3d ViewState Get the target point of the view.
getViewClip(): ClipVector | undefined ViewState Get the clipping volume for this view, if defined
getXVector(result?: Vector3d): Vector3d ViewState Get the unit vector that points in the view X (left-to-right) direction.
getYVector(result?: Vector3d): Vector3d ViewState Get the unit vector that points in the view Y (bottom-to-top) direction.
getZVector(result?: Vector3d): Vector3d ViewState Get the unit vector that points in the view Z (front-to-back) direction.
is2d(): this ViewState Returns true if this ViewState is-a ViewState2d
is3d(): this ViewState Returns true if this ViewState is-a ViewState3d
isCameraEnabled(): this ViewState Returns true if this ViewState is-a ViewState3d with the camera currently on.
isDrawingView(): this ViewState Returns true if this ViewState is-a DrawingViewState
isSpatialView(): this ViewState Returns true if this ViewState is-a SpatialViewState
lookAtViewAlignedVolume(volume: Range3d, aspect?: number, margin?: MarginPercent): void ViewState Look at a volume of space defined by a range in view local coordinates, keeping its current rotation.
lookAtVolume(volume: LowAndHighXYZ | LowAndHighXY, aspect?: number, margin?: MarginPercent): void ViewState Change the volume that this view displays, keeping its current rotation.
resetExtentLimits(): void ViewState Resets the largest and smallest values allowed for the extents of this ViewState to their default values.
setAspectRatioSkew(val: number): void ViewState Set the aspect ratio skew (x/y) for this view.
setAuxiliaryCoordinateSystem(acs?: AuxCoordSystemState): void ViewState Set or clear the AuxiliaryCoordinateSystem for this view.
setCategorySelector(categories: CategorySelectorState): void ViewState Set the CategorySelector for this view.
setCenter(center: Point3d): void ViewState set the center of this view to a new position.
setDisplayStyle(style: DisplayStyleState): void ViewState  
setGridSettings(orientation: GridOrientationType, spacing: Point2d, gridsPerRef: number): void ViewState Set the grid settings for this view
setRotationAboutPoint(rotation: Matrix3d, point?: Primitives.Point3d): void ViewState Set the rotation of this ViewState to the supplied rotation, by rotating it about a point.
setStandardRotation(id: StandardViewId): void ViewState Orient this view to one of the StandardView rotations.
setViewClip(clip?: ClipVector): void ViewState Set or clear the clipping volume for this view.
setupFromFrustum(inFrustum: Frustum): ViewStatus ViewState Initialize the origin, extents, and rotation from an existing Frustum
viewsCategory(id: Id64String): boolean ViewState Determine whether the specified Category is displayed in this view
createFromProps(_props: ViewStateProps, _iModel: IModelConnection): ViewState | undefined Static ViewState Create a new ViewState object from a set of properties.


Name Type Description
angle Angle    
baseModelId Id64String    
delta Point2d    
details Accessor ReadOnly ViewDetails Provides access to optional detail settings for this view. Beta
origin Point2d    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
analysisStyle Accessor ReadOnly AnalysisStyle | undefined ViewState Get the AnalysisDisplayProperties from the displayStyle of this ViewState.
auxiliaryCoordinateSystem Accessor ReadOnly AuxCoordSystemState ViewState get the auxiliary coordinate system state object for this ViewState.
backgroundColor Accessor ReadOnly ColorDef ViewState Get this view's background color.
categorySelector CategorySelectorState ViewState Selects the categories that are display by this ViewState.
classFullName Accessor StaticReadOnly string EntityState Get full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "SchemaName:ClassName".
classFullName string EntityState The full class name in the form "schema:class".
className Accessor ReadOnly string EntityState The name of the BIS class associated with this class.
code Code ElementState The Code for this element
defaultExtentLimits Accessor ReadOnly ExtentLimits ViewState Returns the default extent limits for this ViewState. These limits are used if the ViewState.extentLimits have not been explicitly overridden.
description undefined | string ViewState  
displayStyle DisplayStyleState ViewState Selects the styling parameters for this this ViewState.
extentLimits Accessor ExtentLimits ViewState Get or set the largest and smallest values allowed for the extents for this ViewState
The default limits vary based on the type of view:
- Spatial view extents cannot exceed the diameter of the earth.
- Drawing view extents cannot exceed twice the longest axis of the drawing model's range.
- Sheet view extents cannot exceed ten times the paper size of the sheet.
Explicitly setting the extent limits overrides the default limits.
federationGuid undefined | GuidString ElementState A FederationGuid assigned to this element by some other federated database
id Id64String EntityState The Id of this Entity.
iModel IModelConnection EntityState The iModel from which this Entity was loaded
isPrivate undefined | false | true ViewState  
jsonProperties [key: string]: any EntityState Optional json properties of this Entity.
model Id64String ElementState The ModelId of the Model containing this element
name Accessor ReadOnly string ViewState Get the name of the ViewDefinition from which this ViewState originated.
parent undefined | RelatedElement ElementState The parent Element of this, or undefined if no parent.
schemaName Accessor StaticReadOnly string EntityState The name of the BIS schema for this class.
userLabel undefined | string ElementState A user-assigned label for this element.
viewFlags Accessor ReadOnly ViewFlags ViewState Get the ViewFlags from the DisplayStyleState of this ViewState.

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Last Updated: 05 June, 2020